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Weekly Market Notes for May 15, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

Last week's market felt like a celebration, and it's just going to keep getting better. Lots of details from our vendors:

"Greetings marketers: Seth here from Forbes Wild Foods with news from the foraging front. We are lucky enough to have some more Fiddleheads and Wild Leeks (Ramps) fresh from the forest. These are seasonal delicacies only so get them while you can, they are worth the trip."

From Alvaro of Plan B: This week, we’ll have lots of the last batch of local apples for the season as well as fresh pressed apple cider, fresh garlic, lots of our own salad greens and lots more.

From Monika of Greenfields: The Asparagus has emerged from the depths of the straw mulch and soil! We will have a modest offering of bunches for you. Rhubarb is growing very well now, so this week we'll have even more than last week, along with a bountiful supply of fresh chives. The local Spring Mix has many beautiful new additions, and we'll have lots of the Mustard, Pac and Bok Choi bunches. More local Baby Spinach, flavourful Tomatoes from Quebec, local English Cucs, and top quality Celery, Kales and Romaine. This rain and fair weather in the forecast should do good things for the many transplants that we have been setting out over the last week. Lots more local goodness coming shortly!

The heavenly tulips are through for the year, so Julia of Underground Organics will be away for a couple of weeks until the next beautiful wave of blooms is ready.

Irene of Deer Valley Farm will have fresh Denver steaks, sirloin tip, eye of round & breakfast sausages available this week as well as venison burgers hot off the grill for any hungry shoppers.

Tim Clement will be offering both crepes and burritos again, with a little help from his talented cooking friends.

From Angelos of Country Meadows Gardens: This year there is a lot of interest in heirloom tomatoes. Linda will be at the market again with a great selection, so for customers who are looking for specific varieties or have questions, it will be an excellent time to get tomato plants, especially since this is the long weekend.

Have a good one everybody, but first,

See you at the market!


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