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Weekly Market Notes for May 08, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

Condolences to those of you who can only make it late in the market these days; the early birds do get the worm right now, as there's such enthusiasm for each new local crop's arrival. We're rounding the bend towards local abundance again, though, with selection and quantities getting better every week.

Good news for gardeners: warmer market-day temperatures mean more plants from Colette (Urban Harvest) and Angelos (Country Meadows Gardens), who sends this news:

"I will be bringing a nice selection of herbs plus a good number of our heirloom tomato plants. Last year the number of requests for our 'White Cherry Tomato" (which is low acid) was way more than we had grown, and tomorrow we will have these tomato plants. Also this week we will be bringing a few of our "new introduction heirloom tomato plants" for this season. One of our new plants for this year is considered one of the rarest tomatoes available, so come early for "the pick of the crop".
By the way, Linda is the tomato expert at the farm, and she will be coming to the market with me.

From Greenfields:
It's pie time! All your patience has paid off- we finally have some delicious Rhubarb this week- but you'll need to come early! We'll have lots of our own chives again and the first of our own baby Radicchio fresh out of the field. Also look for a growing selection of local greens: lots of local Baby Spinach, Bok and Pac Choi. The Spring Mix is the best it's been, with tasty new additions of baby Arugula, Mustards and other seasonal greens. Local Root crops as usual and other tasty delights including Garlic and fresh Ginger Root and local Cucumbers.

From Nicole and Alli of the Fish Shak: "Unfortunately for this week, we will not be able to provide our (famous) sun-dried tomato & hempseed pesto. We are currently having an issue with supplies." (Hard times for the many people who can't bear to be without some of this great stuff!)

Nicole & Peter of Best Baa will be absent this week. We'll be thinking of them, waiting for news and looking forward to meeting the new member of the family very soon.

Another "in and out" setup this week, while we watch the spring green advance in the park.

See you at the market!


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