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Weekly Market Notes for May 05, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

Some of our tenacious 'regulars' have made it right through the year on as-local-as-possible foods, and the other night I was out for dinner in the neighbourhood and encountered the same can-do attitude at the Brockton General, where celeriac soup, beet chips and other seasonal fare was proudly featured, more of an accomplishment at this point in the year than others. Of course, it's very different than eating local was for people like my southern Ontario forebears, who had little choice in the matter, and faced some mighty lean stretches when spring came late. We can celebrate surviving another winter now with May's local flavours; the vendors' announcements make it official:

"Spring has sprung and Forbes Wild Foods have the fresh Wild Leeks to prove it. We will be bringing some of these delicacies to this week's market and if you haven't had the pleasure before you are in for a treat. Sometimes known as "Ramps" the Wild Leek is a strong flavoured spring vegetable that is similar to a cross between green onions and garlic. The leaves make for a spicy salad or pesto and the bulbs are perfect for adding a kick to a variety of dishes. This is one of the first edible plants to come up in the Canadian forests so come by, find out what spring tastes like and see what all the excitement is about." Seth Goering

Fishing is never a steady and predictable occupation, but now that the ice is gone, the Akiwenzies aim to come to Dufferin every week they possibly can, with beautiful quality fresh and smoked fish from Georgian Bay. Keep in mind that the fresh fish freezes perfectly, so you can have some in reserve for a special meal anytime.

"Kind Organics will have lots of juicy tender local Kale and Swiss Chard from our hoop house and a few bags of stinging nettles, lambs quarters and chickweed. I am positive we will have "Earth Salad Blend" with edible flowers too. The herbs have been transplanted to pots and put in the greenhouse to get bushy before their final transplant to the "Herb and Flower Greenhouse" when they will be cut for our special Cosmic Blend. Very shortly we will be putting up 2 more hoop houses to ensure a bounty of fall greens this year. We have finally done one outdoor lettuce palnting and hope to have many more pre-washed bags of greens soon. Here's hoping for some SUNSHINE!" Sandra Dombi

Sosnickis' Farm Report: "Come on sun!! Finally is the rain going to stop, just for a few days so we can plant?? Ben went nuts and actually got out there a few days ago, cultivated and planted the peas and some carrots, but then the rain shut us down again. Trying to maintain a positive attitude, and keep reminding myself that this is how some years turn out AND perhaps the rest of the year will be more cooperative. 'They' are talking 'hot and dry' summer, so it just might be a tomato year after all. We are keeping our heads down and will be working hard all this weekend to plant, plant & plant some more! We'll be back as soon as we can! " Jess & Ben

Greenfields was absent due to illness last week, but will be coming with ROOTS: Parsnips, Beets, Celeriac, Black Radishes and freshly dug Jerusalem Artichokes and Salsify.

Helga from Pine River Organic Farm called to say she'll be coming with fresh spinach, radishes, leeks and more. The asparagus is peeking through the ground now, and should be ready soon!

Growing Spaces (Blythe) will bring flowers for Mother's Day along with a rainbow of preserves and Urban Harvest will have some lovely plants along with their seeds.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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