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Weekly Market Notes for May 12, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

It's transition time: a little too soon to set up on the grass, a lot too lovely to stay indoors, and every week's market arrangement is a bit different. This time, head into the rinkhouse to find park bread and snacks at the zamboni cafe. Then look around outside for all other vendors, who will be on the pavement around the building and spilling over onto the rink as the selection grows more bountiful.

I hardly dare mention it for fear of a stampede, but Helga called to say that Pine River Organic Farm will have their first cutting of asparagus.

Nature's first green is gold; don't miss the stunning beauty of Under Ground Organics' cartloads of daffodils. Vitamins for the eyes after a long winter!

Sweet Chili Wings - $9.50 / box
Natural Beef Back Ribs - $15.00 / 3 lb pkg

We've got a great selection of plants and seeds for windowsills and gardens, and many of the hardier ones can go in the ground now. "Eat, Sleep, Garden", as it said on a happy person's T-shirt. The list of activities at Greenfields sounds a little more strenuous; every rain-free opportunity is precious this season:

"We have been busy spreading compost, cultivating, transplanting and staking down row covers in the wind! We had asparagus for dinner a couple nights ago, so it has started (but slow). With some luck we'll have some Rhubarb and of course nice bunches of Salsify. The last of the Parsnips, Celeriac, Beets and Sunchokes will also make an appearance." Lorenz and Adrian

More wild leeks from Forbes Wild Foods, and fiddleheads will follow soon.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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