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Weekly Market Notes for November 20, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

Dreaming of a white market? The walk through the park should be pretty this week!

Moving to the "transitional" setup with vendors indoors and under the arcade worked very well last time; everyone stayed in good spirits, and there was enough elbow room for all. We'll have a smaller than usual group this time, with a number of absences:

Plan B will be taking a break for the next few weeks, finishing their big warehouse construction project.

Angelos Kapelaris is in Greece (just a little jealous over here) harvesting olives for about three weeks. His helper, Verna, will come next week with olives and oil to bridge the gap until he returns.

No crèpes from Tim Clement, and Colette Murphy (Earthly Paradise) will be away this time, too.

Here's the news from the rest of the gang:

Ted Thorpe still has an abundant supply of home-grown veggies.

From the Sosnickis: "Brisk! Ben's started a heater in the barn to thaw out the hoses and keep his mother and I warm as we wash up the storage crops. Ben will bring carrots, onions, beets, potatoes and cabbages. I'll check the Asian greens, but pretty sure they are froze good now. We'll have perogies as well; sauerkraut is still fermenting at the hall. We're packing it up next week, so fresh kraut for next market!" Jess.

From Jonathan, Seth and Meg of Forbes Wild Foods: At this Thursday’s market we will have Chestnuts, Hickory Nuts and Butter Nuts.

Lindsey's news: "Berettas' specials will be 5 lb. bags of chicken wings (round two!), deli ends, and...MARKET BAGS: hemp bags filled with a well-rounded sampling of what Beretta Organic Farms has to offer: sausages, ground meats, peameal bacon, deli meat, etcetera. Only $50... it's a sweet deal. In addition to this week's specials, a free sample of Beretta smoked slider sausage (pork + beef = mmm), will be given to any market patron who spends $30 or more!"

From Natasha and Andrew Akiwenzie: "We won’t have any fresh fish. The weather has not been cooperating but we will bring some frozen whitefish and pickerel."

"Deer Valley Farm will have a variety of cuts fresh venison, sausages & soup bones available this week. Tip: one way to start a great soup is with venison bones. Roasting the bones for awhile in the oven first before simmering overnight or all day will add extra flavour to the stock. Onion will not only add flavour and nutrients but enhance the aroma during the simmering process also. Be sure to add an acid like lemon juice, cider vinegar or tomato juice to the water to draw the calcium out of the bones and into your soup. Once the stock is made, cool it in order to lift away any fat that hardens on the surface. You now have a lovely stock as a base for your favourite soup!"

We are in the final stages of work on a beautiful, recipe-filled calendar celebrating the market. No sneak previews yet, just an early announcement that this will be "the" calendar to have for 2009! (Not that I'm biased or anything....)

See you at the market!


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