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Weekly Market Notes for November 13, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

After many checks of the changing forecast, we've decided the time has come to move to our half-in, half-out setup, in the rinkhouse and garage and along the west side of the buildings under the market's arcade of big tents--with Ted Thorpe's bounty spilling over at the corner of the rink. The fabulous on-site Rec. staff deserve a lot of appreciation for the hard work they've put into getting the inside spaces ready for this move and the upcoming rink season. Time to thank our lucky stars for everything they put into making the market (and all the other park activities) succeed.

Some of us are getting to be such old-timers that we almost forgot the market's (6th) anniversary--but not quite, and the bakers will be baking some of the best carrot cake in the land to celebrate with you. We're only one small neighbourhood market, but we are part of something bigger. Colette Murphy just sent this about her experience at Terra Madre:

"We are back from Italy. It was as amazing as ever but oh so crowded. The Salone del Gusto was at times impenetrable. The good side is that people all over the world are more and more interested in who produces their food, what the issues are.

At the first Terra Madre in 2004, there was a focus on Food (of course) and a Manifesto on the Future of Food was presented. In 2006 there was a Manifesto on the Future of Seeds and this year it was The Manifesto on Climate Change and the Future of Food Security. Please go to the web site and sign the manifestos. A delegation from Slow Food has been invited to the next G8 summit 2009 in Sardinia. This is an historic time, as Carlo Petrini says.

After the closing ceremonies we had a dance. Many of the musician farmers who had attended the conference provided the great dancing music. It was amazing to be celebrating with so many people from so many countries, from every continent. There were many opportunities for both tears and laughter over the 5 days. Do go to the website or and read some of what happened.

We at Dufferin Grove, producers and co-producers (those who support the producers) are a great example of a positive Future. I know we speak for all the vendors when we say Thanks so much for all the support. This is how we make a better world."

Here's the news from the vendors:

"Still a fair amount of Greenfields produce available as the cold weather approaches. Our Lutz Beets taste fantastic, lots of our beautiful Broccoli, 3 varieties of Cabbage (Green, Savoy, Red), Sweet Orange Carrots as well as Purple and Juice Carrots (great for soups, stews, juice and much more ), Romanesco Cauliflower, Celery Root, Jerusalem Artichokes, Black Radish, Daikon Radish, Rutabaga, Salsify plus Green and Rainbow Kale, all from our fields. Ontario Sweet potatoes and Parsnips are looking great, and we'll have a few other goodies as well. See you inside," Mark

This week from Deer Valley: "Smoked venison kielbasa sausages (great heated up with Sosnickis' sauerkraut), fresh venison steaks, striploin, tenderloin, roasts, stewing cubes & soup bones. (Not sure yet if the new batch of breakfast sausages will be ready. If so, they’ll be fresh!)" Irene

From Lindsey(Beretta Organic Farms' market rep.): Specials this week will be 5 lb. bags of chicken wings, and deli ends, at a new lower price. Hooray!

From Seth of Forbes Wild Foods: "We will have some more fresh paw-paw this week for the lucky."

Drive away any November drear with this from Tim Clement: "New this week! Introducing Crepes Suzette for the holiday season. Organic whole grain and buckwheat crepe, with jus d'orange/Grand Marnier reduction, shaved organic chocolate, vanilla bean ice cream, orange sections, orange zest, and mint fresh from my garden. Outrageously delicious!"

And speaking of fresh from the garden, here's some news from Jutta Mason to finish:

"Yesterday a friend was over for supper and I went out to the back yard and picked some stuff to cook. My friend said, oh, have you still got anything growing out there?

I sure do, thanks to market vendors Colette Murphy, and Ben and Jessie Sosnicki, and Angelos Kapelaris. I never have time to do much out in the garden, but I did buy the black gold (composted manure) that Sosnickis sold in May, and spread it around, and planted the bedding plants and seeds I bought from Colette and Angelos. So now there's lots of kale (three kinds), collard greens, chard (rainbow and green), lettuce (three kinds), arugula, broccoli raab, odds and ends from leftover side shoots on the broccoli plants, celery, and herbs (parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, fennel, chervil, chives, lovage, coriander, the last bits of tarragon). I haven't really got time to look after these things but they grow on their own anyway. Lots of plants don't mind the cold -- and when it comes time to make dinner, there they are, ten steps away. Then I even get an added extra -- the pleasure of thinking about the market vendors as I'm cooking up the plants I got from Colette and Angelos last spring, in the good earth enriched by manure from Jessie Sosnicki's horse. Simple and direct!"

That's just how we like it.

See you at the market!


p.s. Community guests of the market this week will be Carolyn Passarelli, Amanda Spakowski, and Kimberley Orton, with information on Doula Care.

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