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Weekly Market Notes for November 06, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

We've got a lucky November Thursday, though we send condolences to those of you who can only get to the market after the now-early sunset. Hurray for hockey lights! If the weather allows, we'll have a couple more weeks on the rink before starting the transition to indoors.

I ran into baker supreme Alli Millar over at Fiesta this week. Surprising to see her without a pile of delicious bread between us. Some of the markets have finished for the season, but Alli is busy, as ever, working on the details of her bakeshop at 1738 St. Clair Ave West (near Keele). Drop by, there's always something good coming out of the ovens.

Here's the news from the vendors:

From the Sosnickis: "Well, this warm weather is a welcome treat around here! Ben is going like crazy spreading composted manure and plowing. We've been busily planting lots of garlic, and doing yet more composting in the greenhouses. Almost all our storage crops are harvested and put away now. We're waiting for some cold weather to lay oat straw down on our nice looking strawberry patch. A good amount of work now will ensure a successful season next year. Planning starts now! Going to the Ukrainian Hall Monday to make a lot of sauerkraut. We will begin selling it fresh along with sauerkraut perogies in two weeks time. Available tomorrow will be traditional potato cheddar perogies. Still out of the field, we have all the Asian greens and some herbs; from storage our cabbages, onions, still fresh sweet carrots, beets, garlic, potatoes and lots of leeks too!" Jessie

From Greenfields: "What a beautiful week to finish our root harvest as well as helping some of our Greens last a little longer. We've got Green & Purple Kale, Leeks, Broccoli, Celery Root, Fennel and Jerusalem Artichokes all from our fields. Lots of Radishes to choose from, including the sharp Black and mild Daikon. Parsley is a great addition to fall salads. New this week is our Salsify; don't peel these beauties, just give them a good scrub. (I had mine sautéed with caramelized onion and roasted garlic. Can't go wrong with that!!) Enjoy our sweet Orange, colourful Purple, and Juicing Carrots, Golden Beets and the first of our famous Lutz Beets. As well, we have 3 different Cabbages to choose from: Green, Purple and Savoy. Enjoy a gorgeous day at the Market!

Mark & Lesley

p.s As we slow down here on the farm Mark would like to thank both Lesley and Justus for all their help during a busy finish to a very busy season, much appreciated.

Forbes Wild Foods expects to have the following fresh items: Paw Paws, Shagbark Hickory Nuts,Chestnuts and Persimmons. (Yum!)

From Berettas: "November 6th specials are going to be liver steak, deli ends (all kinds, and loads of them), and if Andrew is still away, some salmon." Lindsey

Note: Andrew and Natasha Akiwenzie are just back from Italy and won't be likely to get out on the water in time for this market. We hope to see Andrew back next week.

Market friend (and journalist) Pamela Cuthbert has written a nice story about Colette Murphy's adventures at Terra Madre. Welcome back, Colette! Some of us will be stopping by your table for more details.

See you at the market!


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