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Weekly Market Notes for October 30, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

Last week, when market regular Paola Giavedoni saw baskets of hazelnuts on the Forbes Wild Foods table, she was immediately reminded of childhood stays in her grandparents' home in northern Italy, making her way to bed in the chilly upstairs room where the floor was covered with all the nuts stored for winter and the corners were full of baskets of apples. It's an image right out of a folktale. This week, there will be chestnuts, and a few of the elusive Ontario pawpaws, a very lucky thing, as growers are so eager to hang onto seeds to plant more trees now that it's hard to get any of these delicious, rare fruits. We're grateful to Jonathan for encouraging producers of native to Ontario foods; if growers know these foods are valued, they will plant more (even if the first harvest is a long way off), and we can hope our grandchildren will have memories of local seasonal treasures, too.

Ralph Robitaille of Pineapple Orchards (near Penetanguishene) will be bringing lots of certified organic apples: Empire, Red Delicious, Macs and Spartans for eating or juicing, and Cortlands and Spys for cooking. (The best Spys in the world grow where there's a good nip in the fall air!)

From Greenfields: "With the cold weather continuing things are starting to slow down a bit here on the farm. However our table is still full and bountiful with Green Kale, Leeks, Broccoli, Celery Root, Fennel and Jerusalem Artichokes. Back this week are our tasty little Brussel Sprouts and since the smaller sprouts are much more tender than the larger ones, these are a must! Still lots of Radishes, including the sharp Black, sweet and pretty Watermelon and mild Daikon. As well, we have 3 different Cabbages to choose from, Green, Purple and Savoy. Enjoy our sweet Orange Carrots, colourful Purple Carrots and Juicing Carrots and our Red and White Cooking Onions. Make sure to bundle up and we'll see you soon," Lesley and Mark

Lindsey of Beretta Farms will be bringing beef kidneys and lardons this week (in addition to many other items). "I'm bringing these things because they taste good. And because it's getting colder, we all need our share of beef kidney goodness and fatty salt pork so that we don't dry up like raisins in the wintry, dry air".

"Fresh, nicely aged venison cuts and venison kielbasa sausages will be available from Deer Valley Farm. For anyone who likes artichokes, Shania will have some freshly dug Sunchoke roots available this week."

Evelyne Gharibian of Hearty Catering will be absent, but returning once or twice before the end of the year with special treats for entertaining.

Ted Thorpe kindly brought in some cinderella-coach-size pumpkins for us, so kids can bring their adults to join in the fun of carving jack-o-lanterns at the market from 3:30-5. Limited but nice supply; bring a wagon to take your creation home!

See you at the market,


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