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Weekly Market Notes for October 23, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

We hope that you find many or most of your basic groceries at the market, but this week let's start with a few wonderfully unusual details:

James Lee of Nujima has a new product, grapeskin flour, made from the skins left over at Frog Pond Farm Organic Winery in Niagara, flavourful and rich in antioxidants, to be added to breads, smoothies, or other creations.

If you like to play with your food, you might really need some Tennessee Spinning Gourds, grown by Underground Organics (have no fear, they've been extensively tested by the market manager).

Some of the farm hands who work for Ted Thorpe and his brother asked for a plot of land to grow Jamaican pumpkins, and last week Ted brought a few in to Alli Harris from the Fish Shak. He has used them to make a dish that is variously titled Conkey (in Barbados), Blue Drawers (in Jamaica), or Paymee (in Trinidad). This nutrition-packed dessert is made from a mixture of Jamaican pumpkin, cassava, coconut, cornmeal, and raisins, steamed in a banana leaf. There will also be Ted's calaloo in the rotis this week, to keep you healthy. We're hoping Alli will be bringing along hemp pesto, too.

Curious yet?? Here's more vendor news:

From Lindsey of Beretta Farms: "Please assure your lovely market patrons that deals and steals are imminent: we're going to bring a super-awesome special to the market, which will consist of sausage ends (sausage meat, no casing), hot dogs, black forest ham deli ends, and maybe more!"

From the Sosnickis: "Frosty mornings mean we move the grading tables into the warm sun to get all vegetables ready for Dufferin. During the next two weeks we will be spending our time busily pulling up and putting into storage our winter crops, composting our greenhouses and planting garlic. For tomorrow more perogies, all potato cheddar (sauerkraut will be a few more weeks), big cabbages, potatoes, carrots, beets, leeks, onions and lots of Asian greens! Big beautiful bok choy and others. Fresh spinach and salad mixes too!"

"New this week from Greenfields are yummy Jerusalem Artichokes which have a nutty, sweet and crunchy flavour. They can be eaten raw in salads or cooked just like you would a potato. They make a great potato substitute, as they are lower on the Glycemic Index scale. Lots of other wonderful vegetables too, including Romanesco Cauliflower, Broccoli, Celery Root, Purple Carrots, Rutabaga and Fennel. We also have our super sweet bunched Carrots and great tasting Juicing Carrots (in 3l baskets or 10 lb bags). Our Cabbage selection includes Red, Green, Savoy and Nappa, and don't forget Chioggia Beets, Red and White Onions, Leeks, and Black, Watermelon and Daikon Radish. Radishes are moderately high in Vitamin C and contain properties that appear to be beneficial for symptoms of colds, flu, fever and cough: perfect for this time of year. See you soon," Mark and Lesley

A reminder that Urban Harvest and Akiwenzie's Fish & More will be away attending Terra Madre.

We're happy to welcome Jill Bishop, from Seeds of Diversity, TCGN and The Stop, who will offer information on saving your own seeds.

As a favour to the market's smaller customers, Ted Thorpe is picking up a bin of carving pumpkins (not organic, but local). You may be able to take one home if you need it this week; next week, join in the fun of carving at the market. Tools and green bins provided: adult accompaniment please!

Planet in Focus is on, and the festival has particular importance for Michael Schmidt, the farmer who now faces possible prison time after a guilty verdict in his raw milk court case this week. "Right to choose" supporters ask you to join them at Hart House, Thursday the 23rd at 5:30, for a walk to the ROM theatre, where "Michael Schmidt: Organic Hero or Bioterrorist", a 2008 documentary by Norman Lofts, will launch at 7. For more info. on the case go to: and for film tickets, go to or call the box office at 416-967-1528.

Don't forget Night of Dread this Saturday, too.

See you at the market!


P.S. The Green Barn Market folks have asked us to share the news that they'll be inside the church this Saturday, 2-5, to escape the wind. Then they'll take a three week break before moving into the new Barns for markets every winter Saturday, from 9-noon, starting November 22nd.

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