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Weekly Market Notes for November 23, 2006

Hello Market Friends:

This week I spent an interesting evening in Brampton learning about Farmers' Markets Ontario's plan to launch one or more new markets in Toronto next year. After various presentations on the details and possible locations, the large group of farmers in attendance voted overwhelmingly for the market location closest to the edge of the city, with no risk of parking limitations for their trucks(a shopping centre parking lot). The hassle of coming farther into the city centre was undesirable for many; the farmer next to me suggested that markets really should be near the edge of town as city dwellers are often looking for something to do on a weekend and wouldn't mind a drive.

We're so lucky, wouldn't you agree? We have a great group of farmers who hardly ever grumble--well okay, sometimes they do, but it's very good-natured--about the hard work of setting up the indoor market away from their trucks, and the long trip into town. They make it work for us, and we hope we're contributing to their success.

Not much news from the vendors this week, but all the regulars will be there except Angelos and Jonathan Forbes, who'll both return in December. Don't forget to look for Kafue coffee at Plan B's table and Angelos' oil at Nujuma's.

Jessie Sosnicki has come up with an even better version of her perogies, with medium organic cheddar. She and her team of experts, mainly elderly women who "go like mad" produced just over 2000 in a day this week. She says, "It was a very successful day and I am very happy with them and they are huge!! Bigger than last year."

Lorenz Eppinger from Greenfields has forwarded an urgent call for support in convincing the government to ban terminator seeds, also known as "suicide seeds" or GURTS(Genetic Use Restriction Technology). Letters are needed before December 7th. To find out more, go to: or contact the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network at

Before I forget, it's anniversary month! Our market has been around for four years now. How about that!

Come and celebrate with good company and good food!

Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3 to 7 p.m. year-round

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