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Weekly Market Notes for October 11, 2007

Hello Market Friends:

The weather might not be perfect for market day, but it's great for spending a little time in the kitchen with some of the finest ingredients of the year. The news from the farmers hints at many tasty ideas for combining fall vegetables:

From the Sosnickis:

Feels more like fall today.... SOUPS ON!! Grab some of our potatoes and make some hearty soup using bacon, chicken stock left over from your holiday bird and our onions, or use our red peppers and our sweet onions and make a creamy warm pepper soup! Better yet, grab a bunch of our beets with fabulous fresh tops and make beet soup (aka: Borscht) also using our green beans, potatoes, cabbage, onions and some carrots from Greenfields or Ted....ours are too small yet. When making Borscht, use the beet tops too or our Swiss Chard. I'll bring all recipes to market. The warm temps on Monday ripened up a few more of those die-hard heirlooms which I'll bring along. Took off lots of fresh beautiful spinach today (making a cream sauce out of this stuff is glorious! I'll bring that recipe too!) Fresh mesclun mix, and I also picked separate some beautiful clippings of big mustard greens which pack an excellent spicy--almost horseradish-- punch to dishes! How 'bout them apples - perhaps we'll hit the trees as there are still sweet Empires. Just waiting for our Red Delicious to finish ripening! Soon... Our last planting of corn should be ready, so Ben and I will get that picked Thursday morn as well. OHHH corn chowder with our potatoes too! Throw in some of our hot banana peppers or crimson hots to give it a Mexican flair! Bringing yet another recipe to share! Looks like a bit of rain perhaps for the market, but just grab your umbrella and we'll sell you all your soup needs out of the back of the truck!


From Greenfields:

The goodies just keep on coming! The fields (and crew!) are soaking wet with the rain that we've had the last few days. Mark still managed to pull out a huge load of Eggplants and beautiful big Red and Green Peppers this afternoon. Our Kale is sweet and delicious thanks to the cooler nights we are getting above the Escarpment here. Romanesco and Purple Cauli. is vibrant and stunning, with a lighter taste than the white variety. For a hearty and nourishing Autumn stew, try Celeriac, Parsley Root, Lutz Beets, Cabbage, Carrots, Rutabaga and the new crop of 'Oyster Root'/Salsify. Lots of flavourful Leeks, Onions, Fennel, and herbs to go around. Huge bunches of dark green Broccoli and fresh Radicchio. Don't be fooled by our colourful squashes- they're all edible and very tasty, not just decorations!


To go with your soups and stews, the bakers will be turning out lovely loaves: crusty ones from the Dufferin Grove Bakers, softer style from Alli's Bakery--all delicious. Since it's sometimes hard to fit timely shopping in with the duties of market manager, I'm almost afraid to recommend my favourites...but I do love the park's multigrain sourdough, and Alli's barley bread is perfect comfort food. Save me some!

Let's hope that the government we wake up to will give serious attention to the needs of farmers. Not only the ones on big, statistic-making farms, but the ones on small farms, too. We need them in our future.

See you at the market!


Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3-7 pm, year-round

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