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Weekly Market Notes for October 21, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

The growing season is winding down, but the market isn't! Add an extra layer, and bring an extra shopping bag, there's lots to choose from. As well as bringing in the harvest and evaluating the year, our farmers are looking ahead to winter and even spring already.
With an eye to the future, can you take a few moments to complete a customer survey to help out local markets? Your feedback is really valued. The survey is online at:
Here's our news:

From Lorenz and Adrian at Greenfields: "We have had the first few light frosts at the farm, which make the Kale and Brussels Sprouts taste even better. We finally started on digging carrots and judging by the demand they are very good. Try a bunch and judge for yourself. Also on the harvest list are: Red Mustard, Sunchokes, Dandelion, Beets in all colours, Parsnips, Watermelon Radishes, Daikon, Black Radishes, the last of the Fennel, Romanesco and Broccoli, still lots of red and green Cabbages. Leeks are looking especially nice, Garlic, Shallots, Celeriac, Parsley, Rutabagas, giant Kohlrabi and Peppers round out the list.
We are busy planting lots of garlic. Over the last four years we have grown out our own variety from seed and are hoping for an especially good crop next year.
We'll see you on the Rink - Go Leafs Go!"

A Farmer Q & A to answer frequently asked questions at market this fall about Sosnickis' farm:
Q: Why are your carrots so big?
A: we direct seeded one big patch of carrots this spring, so they simply have been growing for a long time! Summer heat and adequate rain makes for great growth!
Q: Why aren't your Sweet Potatoes sweet?
A: Currently we are selling field run, freshly dug sweet potatoes. This week we begin the process of putting all the sweet potatoes in storage and heating the space to 85 degrees F for a couple weeks. Keeping high humidity with pails of water and soaking the floor will assist with the heat and cure the sweet potatoes and convert their starches to sugar! So, in a few weeks time: Sweet, sweet potatoes!!! A great, easy to grow crop we intend to grow each year now.
Q: How was this year's growing season for your farm?
A: Definitely not without challenges, esp the continuing blight issues with the tomatoes. The heat was wonderful and because of that the cabbage patch grew fast and large, so storage quantity is better than ever! Also it was great to have peppers again! And not one rotten onion this year! Our rotation plan is working and fertility problems are not affecting us because of this. We will continue to build our soil for optimum health to tackle fertility and insect infestation problems.
Q: What can we look forward to as the weather gets colder from your farm?
A: Storage vegetables including Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Beets, Squash, Celeriac, Cabbage, Kale, Peppers for another month or so from storage and a trickle of Heirloom Tomatoes STILL going in the cold frames! We have a late patch of lettuce and radishes out there that still may make it market too!! Also November will begin Perogies, Sauerkraut, Cabbage Rolls, frozen Sweet Corn & Green Beans. We will be doing new perogies, more healthy and with sensitivities in mind, also more wholewheat and a 'vegan' type inspired by our farm helper Kera! Stay tuned and thank you for your support of our farm! Stay warm and look forward to lots of local, certified organic produce and treats this winter!
Most Sincerely, Jessie & Ben Sosnicki.

October Specials from Beretta:
Lamb: Loin or Shoulder Chops, Racks, Stewing and Ground
Beretta Little Bellies Nitrite Free Children's Products : Chicken or Beef: Little Runts (Wieners) and Mini Burgers
'On Special':
Steaks: T-Bones, New York Strips & Rib Eyes
Pork: Tenderloin and Baby Back Ribs
'Naturally Raised' Chicken Drumsticks (5 lb bag)

"Deer Valley Farm will have a great selection of fresh cuts of venison and venison chili available this week." Tony and Irene

"Unfortunately, due to an unexpected delay in the repairs to the plumbing of our prep kitchen, we will not be able to participate in this week's market (we have no water!).
Have a good market....I may see you there, as I will need to get produce." Tim Clément (crepes and burritos)

From Ilyan at ChocoSol: "We are bringing our hand blended - on the spot - hot chocolate! $5/ cup or, bring your own mug and pay what you want! Special deals on cacao nibs and Oaxacan decaf coffee beans as well. Don't forget to bring your own non-disposable containers and receive a special bonus! The bicycle powered tortilla project is coming with fresh pure corn tortillas (gluten-free), made using Mesoamerican knowing and tradition. and integrating locally sourced produce, cheese and corn into the mix. Savory Quesadillas come with Frioles (refried beans), salsa, cheese and greens for $5 (vegan available of course) Sweet Quesadillas come with 5chili chocolate and cheese option for $3 Also, sign up for our Dias de Los Muertos celebrations and workshops happening @ the CacaoLoft during the last week of October! For more details contact us at or come chat with us at the market!"

James of Nujima sends (uncensored) news: "I know it's not Spring Break yet but these beauties are not going to wait.... Yes it's 'Apples Gone Wild!' At one time they were tamed by man but now after years of being left on their own these apples bare all!. Come to the market and see their hot, steamy, sweet and spicy side as these tarts tantalize your taste buds. A long forgotten apple tree from an old grove on our land had a bumper all natural crop this year. A small amount of apple sauce and apple butter will be made. All of our regular raw treats will also be available too! All our crusts are vegan and now gluten free."

A note from Market Friend and Farmers' Helper Jessica Moore: "It is with much excitement that I announce Charms' cd release, it's our first! We hope to see you all on Thursday, October 21st in the Tranzac Main Hall, 8:00pm and onwards. We - Gabe Levine and Jessica Moore ( - will be joined by some marvelously talented musician friends (Dan Gaucher, Lisa Bozikovic and Felicity Williams) & we are happy to share the stage with special guests Snowblink and Emilie Mover."

Advance Notice: Our valiant webmaster, Henrik Bechmann, has realized that as mailing lists grow longer, it gets too hard to keep things reliable, so we are going to change the market news lists to a google group in late November. This means you will need a gmail address to subscribe. (Don't worry, it's easy to set up forwarding of messages to whatever address you like best if you're not a regular gmail user.) If you'd like to receive an invitation to gmail, let me know by writing to

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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