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Weekly Market Notes for October 14, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

The big jigsaw puzzle of setting up on the rink worked out perfectly, so we'll have another bountiful market there this week. Here's the news:

Sosnickis report: We had a frost scare, so we mass harvested tons of peppers to keep in cold storage for a month or so. The frost we got was light and not a killing frost (impatiens are still alive at the front of the house) so we still have the field patches of peppers as well - so LOTS of sweet multi coloured peppers for market, fresh dug sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, squash, covered field heirloom tomatoes still going, cabbages, carrots, beets, red & cooking onions & new this week- our brussel sprouts! Ben's been disking, plowing an old pasture; we are set to plant garlic this week. Our Spelt wheat was planted today. We've got bins of cabbage & squash up in the barn, have to wait till afternoon to harvest and grade beets - icy tops! What an awesome time of year!! As our family ate Thanksgiving dinner, plates full of what we produce, we gave thanks to our Toronto customers; because of your patronage we can continue to bring on the harvests for years to come! A humble 'Thanks!' Jessie & Ben.

If you're feeling a little rounder after Thanksgiving feasting, maybe you'd like the chance to work that off on a farm for a day! Plan B is welcoming volunteers. "We've got 7 acres of carrots to harvest for the Ontario Association of Food Banks FoodShare project we're doing. Almost all of what we'd seeded (40km of rows) is ready to harvest, thanks mainly to generous rains and timely sunshine as well as many hours of wheel hoeing the carrots with the support of a small mechanical cultivator. We've had several schools and even a Mac residence come out to help bring the harvest in. Seems to be good fun for folks." This Saturday, Alvaro, Rod, Mel, Kevin and the rest of the crew would be happy for more help. If you can arrange your own transportation, and would like to try your hand at harvesting carrots, drop them a line: (It's not a very long trip out to Plan B; visit our Map of Producers on the market pages to see where they're located.)

October Specials from Beretta:
Lamb: Loin or Shoulder Chops, Racks or Stewing
Beretta Little Bellies Nitrite Free Children's Products : Chicken or Beef Little Runts (Wieners) and Mini Burgers
'On Special': Steaks: T-Bones, New York Strips & Rib Eyes, Pork Tenderloin and Baby Back Ribs

This will probably be the last week of the season for fresh cut bouquets from Under Ground Organics. Thanks for making life a little more beautiful Shane!

James from Nujima writes: Here is the lineup: Raw Pumpkin Tarts, Vegan Pumpkin tarts, Jumbo Vegan Apple Tarts, and to get warmed up, yummy Hot Lemon Chia Drink lightly sweetened with maple syrup, and Yerba Mate Chia Tea. Also available, Spiced Rooibos Tea and all of our delicious raw treats.

In the announcements category, there's lots to tell:

"To celebrate World Food Day, Oxfam will be at several farmers’ markets across Toronto. Our display at Dufferin Grove will feature the ingredients of an emergency ration kit and Oxfam’s emergency household kit- both of which are vital resources when responding to food crises. Oxfam Canada is in the process of developing a national campaign on food security in an era of climate change. If you are interested in helping us plan the upcoming campaign, please e-mail We look forward to speaking with you at the market!" Taryn Diamond and Oxfam volunteers

Pushing Food Forward on the Election Agenda:
"This year, the Toronto Food Strategy (TFS), a government recommendation paper on local and sustainable food policy, was endorsed by the Toronto Board of Health. Incoming City Council will have the power to make the Strategy official policy. Local organizations Food Forward and Foodshed Project are asking incoming Council to support nine Policy Priorities based on the TFS. Check out Councillor and Mayoral candidates’ policies and ask them questions. Talk with others about food issues in the election, initiate a ripple effect, and vote."
Learn more: or Caitlin at, or (647) 770-8749.
Ward and voting info:

Don't forget, the Planet In Focus Environmental Film Festival is on:

And finally, Happy Organic Week (, this week across Canada-- and every week at Dufferin.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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