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Weekly Market Notes for October 07, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

Up on the rink this week, we're going to have a celebratory, abundant Thanksgiving market, as we have had such a beautiful growing season. On behalf of our farmers and vendors, a heartfelt thank you for your support. And of course, I think you'll be happy to join me in sending gratitude back to all the producers who bring us their very best!
There has been plenty of correspondence coming in as everybody gets ready, and it's news you can base a mighty fine shopping list upon:

From Alvaro: "We will be bringing the Bousfields' Organic Cider, fresh pressed on Wednesday night and ours to enjoy. Plan B will also have lots of our own arugula, beets, chard, kale, collards, spinach, salad mix, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, squash, turnips, peppers and hot peppers, as well as lots of Tansy Farms local organic apples (Empires harvested this week!).

As a Thanksgiving gesture of their appreciation to the great customers of Dufferin, Plan B has offered to share the first delicious pressing of cider with market-goers, free of charge. We'll offer a cup to each of you for as long as the supply lasts.

Greenfields report: "Things are getting increasingly busy at the farm just as the days get shorter and the farm crew smaller. Every year at this time, when the weather can turn wet and cold, a few people decide that farming wasn't quite what they hoped for :) Having said that we have new and old staff working very hard to bring in a bumper crop. It has been a very good year and we'll be lucky if we can get all the crops harvested and stored away before the ground freezes up.
Just in time for Thanksgiving we are harvesting BRUSSELS SPROUTS and PARSNIPS. Still lots of wonderful Kale (purple and green), large Celeriac Roots with tops, Daikon, Black and Watermelon Radishes, Radicchio, Beets (red, golden, striped), Red and Green Cabbages, lots of beautiful ROMANESCO (the perfect centerpiece for your festive dinner), Purple Cauliflower, Shallots, Garlic, the last of the giant Kohlrabi, Fennel, Parsley, Rutabaga, Collards, Eggplants, Radishes, Ground Cherries, Tomatillos and more. For the holiday we also brought in some organic Cranberries from New Brunswick.
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Organic Week! (also, October is officially "GMO free" month) Celebrate all three by shopping at Dufferin Grove."

Ben Sosnicki will be bringing the following for Dufferin customers: Cute Pie Pumpkins and Squash for roasting and pies, a bevy of field fresh Sweet Potatoes, regular Potatoes (reds for salads, yellow flesh for baking/mashing), Cooking Onions, the most amazing selection of RED PEPPERS along with yellow, orange, green and some hot Peppers too! Carrots a plenty, same with Beets - Golden too; fresh Cabbages both green & red, bunches of Parsley, fall Kale; we'll check our Celery & Celeriac, and I think that's it? Going through the fields in my mind...:) from Jessie

Pumpkins will be the featured ingredient on a number of our vendors' tables:
Ted Thorpe brought some huge Jamaican ones grown on his farm to Alli Harris, who's turning them into fritters, and also his famous Conkey (if you don't know it yet, come find out all about it!); Krista and Chris of DeFloured will have both dairy-free and dairy-rich pumpkin pies, all gluten-free, and Nujima will have raw food and baked versions of their pumpkin tarts.

"Forbes Wild Foods will be bringing fresh Chanterelle mushrooms and fresh chestnuts, plus lots of wild rice and maple syrup. Mmmmm, chanterelle-wild rice-roasted chestnut stuffing for Thanksgiving is to die for. I absolutely love this time of year!" from Meg

Tim Clément writes: "Due to popular demand, our roasted seasonal organic vegetable crêpe is back! Roasted cauliflower, red bell peppers and garlic, with grilled zucchini and caramelized onions and mozzarella cheese, all spun up in an organic red fife flour or gluten and dairy free buckwheat crêpe. Our other sweet and savoury favourites are still available, including chef Mike's whole grain vegan, vegetarian and free run chicken burritos. See you in the sunshine!"

From Blythe of Growing Spaces: "Just wanted to let you know that we have a very exciting new jelly this week. Our apple cider vinegar is finally ready, so we've made a HOT Pepper Jelly using the vinegar and the multitudes of jalapeño peppers that we've been harvesting. We've been snacking on this jelly with cheese and crackers, and last night we made Thai spring rolls that were amazing with this HOT Pepper Jelly! Also this week, we have a fresh batch of Lime Mint Jelly, Light Peach Jam, and our Zucchini Relish, all perfect hostess gifts for Thanksgiving weekend!"

Chocosol is now bringing their Tortilla Project to the market. What does this mean for you? Fresh, pure corn tortillas (gluten-free), made using Mesoamerican knowledge and tradition and integrating local produce, cheese and corn into the mix. Savory Quesadillas come with Frioles (refried beans), salsa, cheese and greens for $5 (vegan available of course) Sweet Quesadillas come with local hemp butter and 5chili chocolate for $3 Also, come sign up for our Dias de Los Muertos celebrations and workshops happening @ the CacaoLoft during the last week of October! For more details contact us at or come chat with us at the market!

Oh my, putting together this list has really given me an appetite! Wishing you and yours wonderful harvest feasts.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. From Thanksgiving to World Food Day, Canadian Organic Growers invite all to celebrate Organic Week. To get ready, here's a link to their Book Club of relevant reading:
Then check out for events around town, including a photo show, a concert, films, discussions and more!

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