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Weekly Market Notes for October 26, 2006

Hello Market Friends:

The market news is usually full of good cheer from the farmers and vendors--and that follows below--but I have to begin with something less pleasant this time. Most unfortunately, last week a boy was bitten by a dog while walking through the market. It was a painful bite and a very upsetting incident for the boy's family, and also for the dog's owners, who feel terrible that this happened.

As part of a dog-owning household myself, I can understand the pleasant temptation to combine walking the dog and shopping at the market, but really, dogs and the market aren't a good mix. There's just too much going on, including active kids of all sizes, and oh-so-many good smells. We've also had problems with dogs wanting to know all about what's available on, under and behind vendors' tables while their owners were distracted, something that Public Health does not take lightly. Kids' safety and food safety have to come first here, so please, avoid bringing dogs into the market area.

Now, this week's news from the vendors:

From Greenfields:

The warm jackets have been pulled out of the closet and all sensible heads are tuque covered. We have been racing to pull the remaining root crops before the ground freezes, all whilst smiling ( knowing it will end soon!!) Lots of Fresh goodies from Greenfields this week: Cabbages(Plenty of Green, Red, not much Savoy left so get it while it lasts ) bunched Carrots taste amazing, Red Beets by the quart, Purple Cauliflower should wow some friends, Celery Root is a great price, Red and Yellow Onion, may be the last week for Parsley, Rutabagas are big and sweet, an abundant selection of winter Squash and the first harvest of Greenfields Sunchokes will be here!! A nice selection of our Greens including: Purple Kale, Dandelion, Red Mustard, Radicchio and Arugula. Fruit-wise, Ontario Apples taste great, Avocado, Valencia Oranges(really sweet), Bananas and a few others." Mark

From Plan B:

"We will have lots of arugula, mizuna and tatsoi, plus carrots, beets, turnips and lots of delicious groundcherries-likely the last-this week. We also have lots of sweet potatoes and pumpkins. This should be the last week for decent availability on the Bousfield Cider but we have lots of delicious apples from Richard and should have them for a while. Also, likely my last week to have beautiful heritage tomatoes available!" Alvaro

Something new from Purple Sprout: the ingredients and instructions to easily make your own cashew milk. Talk to Marc and Marie to learn more.

From Deer Valley:

"Hot 100% venison burgers will still be available this week as well as chili (eat at the market or take home). I would be happy to bring in some bones and would really appreciate knowing how much/when anyone would like me to bring them in as I do not care to slug them back & forth...please email me @ …thanks," Irene

Beata of Whole World Trading will have lovely hot tea for sale by the cup every week now to warm you up as you shop.

You'll see some yellow tape and work in progress at the east side of the rink when you come to the market; the paving crew is working on the muddy route into the park and basketball court area this week. Around the rinkhouse, check out the preparations for Saturday's Night of Dread. The new, mud-free path should be ready in time for the big event!

There may be a market news "siesta" next week while I'm away in New Orleans attending meetings of market network groups from the U.S. (and Toronto!). More details when I return....

See you at the market!


Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3 to 7 p.m. year-round

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