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Weekly Market Notes for October 5, 2006

Hello Market Friends:

Sun, rain, mist...some days this week, I feel unsure of what month and what city this is. Sunday's weather gave us the jitters, but the happy eaters appeared anyway, making another Tasting Fair a success. We're very grateful to all the chefs who gave generously of their time and talent. Thanks also to Wallie Seto, Colette Murphy and Laura Berman for taking pictures that show how much fun we had and just how delicious food can look as well as taste. You can see the photos on our web gallery.

This week marks the end of the season for a number of our vendors:

  • Laura Sabourin of Feast of Fields will come with the last of her exquisitely tasty grape juice;
  • Eva Kristof's sunflowers will soon be finished;
  • John Ferrari's crew of blueberry pickers have been making one last round in a sheltered spot revealed by a game warden(wearing their orange hunting vests to be sure that visiting American hunters don't think they are blueberry loving bears);
  • Seldom Seen's Rufus Glassco will be wrapping up their lamb burgers for this *year, and
  • the folks from Kensington Market Organic Ice Cream already emptied their freezer in a delicious rush at the Tasting Fair.

See you next year! We'll miss you! (Of course, by putting all this in the news, I've pretty much guaranteed that someone's plans will change(what is that law?) but that's the information as of this moment.)

The rest of the gang will all be there, with everything you could wish for to make a weekend feast.

From Deer Valley Farm:

"Deer Valley Farm will have fresh (aged) venison available for Thursday, Oct. 5th. A varied selection of culinary delights available for take home include: venison chili, venison vindaloo & venison meatballs. Some can be enjoyed while at the market along with burger patties & sausages. For more info about the health benefits of venison, elk velvet antler or emu oil visit: or to place a custom order:"

From Mark Skinner of Greenfields:

"Just wanted to say Thanks to everyone who came out to the Tasting Fair on Sunday, hope you had as much fun as we did!! Lots of great produce coming from our fields for your Thanksgiving enjoyment. Bunched Red Beets, Savoy and Green Cabbage (make a great coleslaw), Celery Root has a nice fresh flavour( baked, mashed, raw ), Fennel, Kohlrabi, Red and Yellow Onion, Red Radish, Green & Purple Kale, Red & Rainbow Chard. A great selection for your Thanksgiving spread, including excellent quality Rutabagas, amazing Pie Pumpkins and a few varieties of Squash (Butternut, Acorn, Delicata, Hubbard ). All ready to harvest if the weather co-operates are Radicchio, Arugula, Lettuce Mix, Leeks and Collards!!"

From Colette:

"Make a wonderful woodsy fall bath with Earthly Paradise's Rosemary reviving oil. Rosemary, Bay Fennel and Thyme essential oils make this a perfect autumn soak. See you at the market."

You may not have met Paul Richard and his team from Timivut yet. They will be bringing products from their Toronto garden, greenhouse, and kitchen enterprise as well as foods from First Nations harvesters. This week, a special treat: the first fresh cranberries from the Iroquois Cranberry Growers of Bala, picked before the bogs are flooded for the main harvest.

There's also a fresh batch of hand-screened market bags to load up with your goodies, on special for this week at $8.00 each.

If you ate today, thank a farmer, as the saying goes, and thanks, too, from the market folks to all our supporters.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3 to 7 p.m. year-round

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