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Weekly Market Notes for October 09, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

Don't bring your skates yet, but come on over to the rink! We'll put together the annual first rink day jigsaw puzzle of vendors, squeegee off the last of the Wednesday puddles, and welcome you to our harvest celebration market.

Here's some vendor news, all on a theme:

From Greenfields: "In preparation for that much anticipated Thanksgiving dinner, our table will be full of lovely autumn fare. We have lots of Squash, including Acorn, Delicata and Sugar pie Pumpkins. Sugar pie pumpkins are great for pie as they are sweeter, have a firmer and less fibrous flesh and fewer seeds than the standard pumpkin. They also taste great baked on their own and are full of vitamin A. Also for the feast we have Rutabagas, beautiful Purple Cauliflower and Romanesco Cauliflower, Golden and Red Beets, our super sweet Carrots, and the feature item this week: Brussel Sprouts! We have 3 types of Cabbage: Green, Red and Savoy. To add to the table are Eggplant, Fennel, Celery root, Green and Red Peppers, as well as Red and White Onions. For greens, we'll bring both Green and Red Kale, as well as endive. And a treat for the Radish lover, we have Daikon and Black radish, both of which can be used raw in salads, shredded as a garnish or cooked in a variety of ways, such as in a stir-fry. We wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy cooking," Lesley and Mark

From Sosnickis: "For Thanksgiving feasts Ben and I will be bringing lots of Potatoes, Red Peppers for roasting, big bunches of fresh sweet Carrots, rainbow and purple carrots too! Big bunches of Beets with fresh tops, cooking Onions, fresh Spinach, salad mix, mesclun mix, our monster Leeks, Celery with excellent flavour, Asian greens such as: komatsuna, tatsoi, bok choy, mizuna. Big heads of Cabbage, fresh bunches of Arugula, Garlic, Parsley, Thyme, different Swiss Chards, and more flavourful greenhouse Tomatoes!" Jess and Ben.

"For this Thanksgiving market, consider something a little different from Deer Valley Farm. Fresh Muscovy duck maybe? or see what else Deer Valley Farm has to offer this week."

Market friend and talented photographer Laura Berman has a show on at City Hall, from now through Friday only, called "Bountiful, Beautiful Harvest". A lovely visual feast. For more info., visit

Bring along some extra bags, we've got everything from soup to nuts to cheese, bread, fish, chocolate...sorry we can't help out with the wine!

Wishing you a wonderful, long, joyful and sunny weekend, but first,

See you at the market!


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