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Weekly Market Notes for October 02, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

It has been a great summer season, but sunset's glow will be all our light by 7:00, so this will be the last week setting up along the path. Please tell friends who come less regularly to look for us up on the rink surface for the fall. They'll know they're in the right place when they see our shiny new market signs, to be unveiled this week. We're very grateful to The City of Toronto's Clean and Beautiful Secretariat for sponsoring these, and to Paul Safarian, who contributed the designs as a gift to the park.

Have a look at the incredible range of produce coming in:

From Plan B: "This week we’re coming into the great fall greens! Loads of spicy mustard, baby pac choi, arugula, mizuna plus a zesty salad mix. We’ll also have lots of different coloured carrots, tomatillos and the last of some tomatoes still around, plus a very few herbs. Apples to go around, garlic, some dry beans and a bit of squash, too." Alvaro

From Jessie and Ben Sosnicki: It continues to be a great fall harvest on our farm. We will be bringing to Dufferin our fresh greens: salad mix, spicy mesclun mix, tender spinach, the first of our peppery Arugula, Asian greens like tatsoi, baby bok choy and komatsuna; red, white and gold Swiss chard; big green and red cabbages; orange and rainbow carrots; beets with fresh tops; spanish, red and cooking onions; awesome Celery, monster Leeks, Red, green and hot Peppers, Garlic, Watermelons, the last of our Green Beans, parsley, of course potatoes AND a special treat, a few heirloom tomatoes! Did a trial run in one of greenhouses and they are excellent! Put the plants directly into the soil after I amended it with our own field soil and compost. So, no artificial light or potted soil, and the flavour is awesome! We intend on doing a lot more growing like this, esp. in early spring. Also, we've created a nice farm blog about fall crops and if you scroll down, you can see an aerial view of our farm taken in July. If anyone ever wonders about all our cabbage all winter or for sauerkraut, or any other crops for that matter, please check it out at: We are very proud of this farm picture!

From Greenfields: As we enter the month of October, we have a huge variety to choose from. Enjoy one last taste of summer with our German Striped, Sunkist and Field Tomatoes. For all those Cabbage lovers out there, check out our Green, Red, Nappa and Savoy Cabbages. As for greens, we have Green and Rainbow Kale, Red Mustard, Arugula, Swiss Chard, Pac Choi, Parsley and Cilantro. We also have Sweet and Red Onions, as well as Leeks. To add to the table are Eggplants, Green and Red Pepper, Purple Tomatillo, Fennel, Celery Root and Beets. We also have a good selection of Winter Squash including Delicata, Acorn and Pumpkin. Winter Squash is a great source of iron, riboflavin and vitamins A and C, so be sure pick up one of these signature fall crops! Lesley and Mark

Biodiversity and beauty unite in Shane and Julia's approach to farming at Underground Organics, with well over 200 species of flowers, herbs, and vegetables, plus many young fruit trees sharing the space. Enjoy a glimpse of where the prettiest blooms in town come from in the Vendor Photo Galleries of the website and then bring home a bouquet of your favourites to feed your eyes all week.

From Laura of Feast of Fields: "As the fall brings our market season to an end we have some of the best fruit ever! Blue and green seeded grapes bursting with flavour, fresh picked Spy apples-- the best for cooking, a few blackberries and raspberries picked quickly between the raindrops, Bosc pears, a few precious figs and organic chestnuts in the shell."

We wish you a well-earned rest, Laura!

From the Akiwenzies: "We won’t be down for we can’t get out on the water. Sorry about this and hopefully the weather will improve so we can return next week." Natasha and Andrew

If it's chilly, you'll find Mathieu from Chocosol up top by the bakers, with special hot chocolate to warm us up.

A wonderful, final Friday night outdoor supper will be prepared this week by Carole Ferrari, and it's a special celebration of her new kitchen on wheels (you've got to see it!). More info. on the website.

There are still tickets left for another fabulous feast, this Sunday afternoon, October 5th, in support of McVean Farm and the young farmers of FarmStart. The farm is in Brampton, but you don't need a car to get there. To find out more, visit or call Adrian at 416-873-0479.

See you at the market!


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