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Weekly Market Notes for September 25, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

I don't recall the plot of "Days of Heaven", but it seems like the right title for these harvest-time markets. The park remains lush and green and the tables are loaded with beauty. Oh yes, and the people are pretty fine, too! Visitors have been commenting a lot lately on how friendly the atmosphere is, and our recent guests have really appreciated the interest and good conversation around their displays.

Here's some news from the vendors:

From Greenfields:

Hooray, our super sweet carrots are back! As usual, we have a ton of greens…Arugula, Parsley, Red Chard, Pac Choi, Red Mustard and Purple and Green Kale. And an exciting new addition to our greens section, LETTUCE MIX! To add to the table are our pretty Red Onions and Sweet White Onions. We're now offering our Beets, both Red and Chioggia in bulk. We have 3 different cabbages this week, Napa, Red and Green. We also have Celery Root, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Tomatillos and Fennel. Fennel adds a wonderful delicate flavor to many dishes such as soups, stews, meat dishes, salmon and is also very tasty raw. It's rich in vitamin A, calcium and potassium so it's a worthwhile addition. Get the last of our Garlic as it's now done till next season. And last but definitely not least, we have a limited amount of Purple Cauliflower so come early! Lesley and Mark

FunGuy Farms will have beautiful fresh mushrooms, and Bruno is always happy to share information about how they're grown and the delicious things you can do with them. One important fact to be aware of: they all grow on or are cultivated on wood and NOT on composted animal manures.

Deer Valley Farm will have a great selection of fresh product this week. For any specific requests, contact Irene at or through the website:

If you read about Evelyne Gharibian's Hearty Catering on the web last week, you may have noticed this tempting description: "My eye was instantly drawn to one of her creations, which was sitting in a spring form pan and looked like a giant terrine. The dish consisted of layers of sautéed brown basmati rice, with cashews, raisins, almond slivers, grated carrot, onions and spices. The whole thing was covered with spelt filo pastry." Evelyne can make these and many other dishes to order for any special occasions you have coming up. Lots of vegetarian and raw dinner options for Thursday nights, too.

I am grateful for your help in reducing vehicle congestion by avoiding Dufferin Park Ave. Parking co-ordination was a much smoother affair last week, and I'm hoping we can keep it that way.

Thanks, and See you at the market!


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