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Weekly Market Notes for September 13, 2007

Hello Market Friends:

You may have heard the rumours...and it's true, the Tasting Fair is returning! Sunday, September 30 from 1-4 pm, bring your friends and a good appetite to enjoy a delicious afternoon of market-inspired cooking. The lineup is developing nicely, but there's still room for a few more cooks if you know a gifted one who wants to contribute to this once-a-year fundraiser. Contact me at if you'd like more details.

The other big news is our "market area rehab." project. It looks like everything is falling into place, so we hope to have a market-community workbee just over a week from now, to spread soil amendments and plant seed and a few shrubs in the summer market area. Please be on the lookout for an announcement of the time(s) we'll need some help. We can't make a definite plan until the soil aeration is completed by the Parks department, but we will need many cheerful people. Of course, you're welcome to email me or call the park (416-392-0913) if you're keen to be included. Next week, and for the rest of the fall, the market will be on the rink.

Here's the vendors' news:

Irene of Deer Valley will be cooking up tasty venison burgers this week.

A warm welcome back to Maria Nasterska of Oh Soy. Chocolate walnut squares here we come!

More beautiful blooms this week grown by Julia Hitchcock and Shane Eby of Underground Organics. Treat yourself to a lovely fresh bouquet while summer's glory lasts.

From the Akiwenzies:

We won't be able to make it to market. We had some bad luck this past weekend and had quite a bit of net damaged or destroyed by the high winds. We haven't been able to get the nets back into the water as of yet for the winds have been high to moderate and unpredictable. We hope to make it next week but we have to wait till it's safe to fish. The seasons are changing and this is normal for this time of year unfortunately. See you next Thursday.

From Monika of Greenfields:

The Fall bounty is in full, delicious force! The variety keeps getting better now. The greens are here to stay: Purple and Green Kale, Red and Gold Chard, Collards, Dandelion, Leaf Lettuce and Mix. Lots of bunched and bulk beets. We have a nice selection of flavourful onions- Scallions, Shallots, Spanish, Red and Yellow. Green, Red and Nappa Cabbages will be in plenty, as well as a fresh crop of silky-smooth Daikon Radishes, perfect for spicing up any stir-fry or fresh salad. Kohlrabi is back, and we have tons of beautiful saladette, slicing and heirloom tomatoes, so come and stock up with our fill-your-own baskets! Also look for perfectly ripe peppers and eggplant!

Here's an account from Jessie of a Wednesday at the Sosnickis' getting ready for market:

Whew! I'm very proud of our harvest today for Dufferin tomorrow! Our helpers didn't show, so Ben, his mother and I have been busy! Early, Ben and I pulled Beets quick, Ben's mom took over to wash and grade. Ben harvested broccoli and cabbage (first cabbage harvest, just beautiful!) while I harvested onions (sweet yellow, big reds). Ben jumped in the roma and field tomato patches, while I picked the heirlooms. Then both Ben and I picked peppers: beautiful suntan reds, reds, green and purple beauty bells, some hots as well. Ben's mom graded out some sweet white onions. Had late lunch. Ben went back into the romas, as he knows everyone still needs them, I harvested bunches of red chard. Sophie went to pick apples (YES, the beautiful apple trees that line our driveway have produced some sweet beauties for once) while Ben and I put a bin on the wagon and went and picked Sweet Corn (FINALLY some ready, do not expect the quality from last year, BUT it's still sweet, just on the smaller side due to lack of rain). Ben and I then went out to harvest more cabbage (it's beautiful!) and now I'm making soup and sending you guys news. After supper is grading (thank goodness we dug lots of potatoes Monday, so all we have to do is wash and grade). Tomorrow morn, with some luck, we've got two guys from neighbouring farms coming very early to help pick our fresh green and yellow beans. I'm also going to whip through the yellow zucchini, and grab some bunches of parsley. Cucs are too small, we'll wait till next week, but they are coming. Then time to load and hit the road by 11am. Greenfields and Ted will have to take over carrot sales, as I just don't have time to hit that patch today! See everyone with our fresh harvest.

Bring your baskets, bags and buggies!


Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3-7 pm, year-round

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