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Weekly Market Notes for September 6, 2007

Hello Market Friends:

Wow, does the food sound good this week! There's a lot to tell:

From Greenfields:

"Lots of great fresh vegetables coming from our fields this week. Fragrant Basil makes excellent pesto and is a nice addition to any tomato dish. Red & Green Cabbage, Carrots are sooo sweet (the kids love' em in their lunches). Loads of greens to satisfy: Green & Purple Kale, Red Chard, Collards, Dandelion and our Salad Mix is a late summer treat. Cilantro, Parsley and Dill are packed with flavour. A good selection of onions: Purple Scallions, bunched Red Onion and sweet Spanish Onions. Green Peppers, Beautiful Globe & Sicilian Eggplant are a great excuse to get the barbecue going (a nice grill pan will work for those without). Tomatoes: Saladette (another great lunch item), Yellow Peach, Striped Germans, Purple Cherokee, Brandywine and good ol' field Tomato.

A few other fruits and veggies will round out our table. Enjoy the market!"

From Jessie Sosnicki:

"Tomatoes holding strong, but romas are starting to go fast, so I will not be taking any more orders. I will bring as many each week as possible until gone. All orders this week will be filled. Lots of round Field left (great for fresh eating, soup and juice and even sauce too!), tons of heirlooms for all purposes, and sweet sun sugars! Coming on strong are beautiful beets, sweet carrots, sweet onions and potatoes. NEW this week: RED sweet bell peppers, along with thick walled huge green bells, purple beauty peppers, hot banana peppers, fresh tender bunches of red chard, and the first of our late BROCCOLI. The first pick of our green beans will make a quick appearance for the first 5 mins of market no doubt, but no worries, TONS coming soon. Corn is still NOT ready. I will bring a cob to show the small size. Please understand that with this drought and low levels of creek water, it has been very hard to irrigate, what the corn has needed. It's coming and will be a late summer treat!"

New products this month from Berettas:

New York Striploin Bison Steaks, Smoked and Italian Style Turkey Breast, and Smoked Jalapeno Sausage. Check out the September specials on Boneless Blade Pot Roasts and Ground Pork. Also, delicious Entrees, including Shepherd's Pie, Chili, Meat Lasagna, and Meat Balls are back!

Deer Valley Farm has fresh venison available this week and will be serving up seasoned venison burgers hot off the grill.

In Love and Romance news this week (we usually skip this section and go straight to FOOD), Peter Bzikot and Nicole Macdonald of Best Baa Farms were married last Saturday, and will be away this week on their honeymoon. We wish them a wonderful future farming together!

Tim Clement of Clement's Crepes will also be away, getting ready for the Vegetarian Food Fair at Harbourfront this weekend (

Advance Notice: The market will be making an early move to its fall location this year. Usually we relocate to the rink pad when shortening days make it too dark along the path by 7, but this year, we're heading up mid-September so that some rest and rehabilitation of the slope and path area can take place. The Parks Department will help out with aerating the soil that has become so compacted on the slope and along the path, and the city will supply a big load of compost. Then the market will arrange for additional soil amendments and we'll give the whole area a good top-dressing, before reseeding in the ideal late-September weather. When we can pinpoint dates, we'll be asking for friends of the market to help out with this. It's very much a "many hands make enjoyable work" kind of project. I hope we can count on lots of support, as I know all of us who enjoy the market treasure its park setting. Once everything is fixed up, we'll give the area a rest until late May.

Please spread the word to your friends who may come to the market only occasionally that starting September 20, we expect to be on the rink. See you at the market!


Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3-7 pm, year-round

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