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Weekly Market Notes for September 27, 2007

Hello Market Friends:

Delicious preparations are underway for Sunday's Tasting Fair (1-4 p.m.). This year, as well as celebrating our local farm foods, we're focusing on the great things that happen in community gardens. Alongside the beautiful Dufferin gardens there will be special displays and foods from other projects close to home. Bring your own cloth napkin if you can, as well as a plate or bowl if you like. That way we'll keep garbage to a minimum. We made wonderful progress on the "market area rehab." last weekend. Thanks to Michael, Bill, Jenny and Reema, whose strong backs and good spirits helped to move a whole lot of compost! We're also grateful to Chris McLuckie of "The Greener Side" composting and garden care (, who has contributed his inspired expertise to the project, and to Roman Andryjowycz of Parks for his support. The first green of germinating seed is already starting to show. We're not finished yet, though! This Saturday, we'll be planting some native species shrubs and daffodil bulbs. Please join us, starting at 10; it's satisfying work (and the snacks afterwards are good, too!).

A reminder to use the paths rather than cutting across the reseeded areas.

From the Sosnickis on harvest Wednesday:

It's almost lunch and we just got chased out of the field by a fabulous thunderstorm packed with RAIN!! It's already clearing, so we'll be out shortly to harvest tons of corn. I know the Dufferin crowd to be understanding tough folk, however Ben's mom and I are going to husk and grade half the corn, as we have lots of corn borer worms at the tip of each cob. It is sweet glorious corn, so I encourage all to not worry about this silly creature - nip it off and enjoy the cob. Ransacking the bin searching for a wormless cob is a useless endeavour! Already harvested this morn, tons of beautiful red peppers. Great time to roast them up, along with green and purple bells and lots of hots, huge sweet onions, fresh green beans, and STILL heirloom tomatoes. We were disking on Monday and I truly wanted to just "finish them" already, but they are so vigorous and still growing, I decided to keep going through them and bringing them on. Our fresh spinach is now ready, huge tender leaves packed with flavour. Big chard, spicy mesclun mix, bunched fresh Beets, and our apples! We still need help determining the varieties we have. Ben's mom cannot remember the types she planted with Ben's dad, but the trees lining the driveway are loaded and the fruit is beautiful. Oh yeah, potatoes of course, and I'm sure I've forgotten something again. See all in cooler fall temps!

Jess & Ben.

From Monika of Greenfields:

Pie Pumpkins are really cute and have the perfect flesh for Thanksgiving baking! Lots and lots to offer this week: Spiky 'alien' Romanesco and Purple Cauliflower, big fresh heads of Broccoli, Purple, Green and Nappa Cabbage, as well as sweet Red Kale (Green too), and Chard. The 'pearly whites' include: Leeks, Daikon Radish, Fennel and Parsley Root. Lots of Acorn and Hubbard Squash to choose from. Celeriac has arrived and is amazing in coleslaw as well as stews. Fresh Dill, Cilantro Dandelion and Parsley, as well as Spring Mix! We still have a bunch of those sweet Saladette Tomatoes, Carrots, Eggplants, Green and Red Peppers, and fresh Rutabaga.

Beretta specials this week include Smoked Pork Hocks, Spicy Italian Sausage and Texas Ribs.

From Irene of Deer Valley Venison Farm:

For those who have been waiting…breakfast sausages are back. Some fresh venison will also be available and for those who get hungry while shopping at the market…venison burgers hot off the grill.

This is likely to be the last week Laura Sabourin of Feast of Fields makes the journey in from Jordan Station til next year. Thanks for the delicious season, Laura!

No Akiwenzie's Fish this week. High winds made for poor fishing.

Orders for Whole World Trading teas, spices and chocolate can be placed with Beata Macklin at 416-604-9025 for delivery to the market.

Last week, the big jigsaw puzzle of vendors on the rink all fit together, and we'll refine the setup to make it work even better this time. Remember to mark your calendar for this weekend's events, and in the meantime, see you at the market!


Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3-7 pm, year-round

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