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Weekly Market Notes for September 08, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

If you've been away for a while, welcome back. Not excited about fall? Well, come on down and enter our market draw (one entry per person, no other strings attached) and you could win one of two $25 market shopping sprees! Happy Post-Labour Day to all!

Here's our vendor news:

Feast of Fields will have their delicious organically grown grapes for the next few markets, along with pears and more.

Blythe from Growing Spaces writes: "Just wanted to let everyone know that we will have Edamame fresh from our garden. Edamame can be eaten as a snack, vegetable dish, in soup and salads and they freeze very well! We'll most likely only have them for the next two weeks, so get them while they last and don't forget to pick some up for the freezer." [Editor's note: in case some of you are wondering, edamame are fresh and very tasty soy beans.]

Sosnickis' contribution: "What an awesome muddy harvest day! This week we'll have the following: Sweet Corn, Romas, Heirloom Tomatoes, Potatoes- some Fingerlings included this week! Sweet Onions, Cooking Onions, huge Kale, RED Sweet Peppers! Red Bells and my grandpa's Shepherds for roasting, hot Chili's, Cayenne type, 'Holy Mole' mild hots and Hot Banana. Time to spice up your fall stews and favorite dishes!! Big Green Bells too. Watermelons, LOTS of Green Beans (fresh patch!!), Beets, fall Cabbages are here! Big greens, reds and Savoy! Oh, and garnished with fresh bunches of parsley :)" Jessie & Ben.

Greenfields' news from Lorenz: A quick note from the field (literally). I'm just harvesting the following produce for market: Endive (aka Escarole), bunches of Chard, Parsley, Nappa, Savoy Cabbage, bunches of Kale (purple, green and black), Tropea Onions, Celeriac, Radicchio, bunches of Beets (red and golden), the first few Pie Pumpkins and Acorn Squash.

Pine River Organic Farm will have gleaming onions and carrots plus more of Bob Felhazi's beautiful veggies.

The Akiwenzies will not be at the market this time.

Forbes Wild Foods will have fresh chanterelle mushrooms, as well as fresh wild riverbank grapes!

Tim Clement will be absent, so no crepes, but Chef Mike is coming to make burritos.

The Organic Supper Club menu from Eddie and Jessica:

  • Savoury Barley Soup with Mushrooms and Thyme
  • Raw Kale Salad with Tahini and Ginger Dressing
  • African Peanut Stew with Shallots and Potatoes
  • Spicy Moroccan Curry with Wild Rice and Zucchini
  • Summer Fresh Quinoa Salad with Hemp Hearts
  • Goji and Chia Seed Granola
  • Fiesta Dip with cashew "sour cream" and brazil nut "cheese"
  • Tamari Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Don't forget to bring along your knives and tools for expert sharpening by Exact Edge. (Put them with all those baskets, egg cartons, bags and containers you were planning to bring...)

We'll have a 'guest vendor' this time, Percy White, whom we've invited to show us some interesting solar-powered extra-bright bicycle lights, because many of us might need them to get home from market as the days get shorter. Stop by and have a look.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. A park news item from Jutta Mason:
For market shoppers who plan to come to Dufferin Grove this weekend -- at the moment it sounds like Parks management plans to shut down all park facilities (washrooms and rink clubhouse) and staff-run programs (playground cafe and campfires) for Saturday Sept 10 because of a "stop-the-cuts" planning meeting scheduled for the park that afternoon 12 to 5 pm. I asked from clarification from supervisor Wendy Jang -- does the city think there will be violence at this meetings, so that park users ought to stay away? (It sounds unlikely to me, and it sounds like some market shoppers are planning to go.)
I am dubious about shutting down all park facilities because of some political discussions down in the gully by Dufferin Street. Isn't there a free speech issue here? I've heard that CUPE has endorsed this, and that makes the closing down of the park even trickier, maybe. Wendy Jang has not responded to my questions so far -- but if she responds tomorrow, we'll post the update on

P.P.S. Thanks to all who have signed petitions in support of Toronto markets remaining affordable for farmers, and in opposition to the mega-quarry. On the markets petition, we're approaching 2,000 online signatures ( and many markets are gathering names on paper. We need more signatures, including yours if we haven't got it yet! More info at the market this week.

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