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Weekly Market Notes for September 1, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

Lots of great stuff coming in from the fields, as September brings thoughts of the seasons ahead. If you're around at the end of the market, you'll see our vegetable growers gathering for some discussion of the fall and winter outlook. It has been a challenging, erratic growing season, but we'll be aiming--as always--to keep you happily and healthily eating the best local and organic food!
Here's the vendor news:

Greenfields is back and will have: wonderful big heads of Endive and Batavian Lettuce, Nappa (aka Chinese Cabbage), Kale of all colours, Parsley, bunched Onions (including Tropea), bunched golden Beets, Chard, and Summer Squash (great for stuffing).

Sosnickis' news: "We've begun harvest with our cooking onions! Lots available this week! Oodles of Sweet Corn and Tomatoes (Romas, Heirlooms, Black Cherry) too! You can order cases of our Romas for sauce making: which are 25 lb, 1/2 bushel cases for $20. Email me at to place an order, esp for next week pick up. Also a few carrots (tough year for our carrots), plentiful amounts of Chioggia and Kestrel Beets, fresh Green Beans, and Peppers! Red peppers are slowly turning and will be in abundance for next week. Also Yukon Golds spuds, Red Gold Spuds AND Red Gold Fingerlings! Man, those are awesome potatoes! Oh, and you can't forget the Kale! ;)" Jess & Ben

Pine River Organic Farm (rep Helga) will return with carrots and other veggies.

Evelyn's Crackers will be absent but back next week.

The Organic Supper Club menu from Eddie and Jessica:

  • Roasted Pumpkin Seeds with Tamari
  • Goji Chia Seed Granola
  • Kale and Beet Salad
  • Multi Grain Salad with Cilantro and Orange Zest
  • Golden Coconut Curry
  • Summer Fresh Quinoa Salad
  • 5 layered Fiesta Dip

This just may be the last week for Debbie Wiecha's heavenly peaches. Don't know how to face the next 11 months....

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. In case you've been away or too busy to get to it: We need LOTS more signatures in support of farmers' markets remaining affordable to operate in Toronto. If you haven't already done so, please sign our petition opposing potential fee increases that would have a devastating effect on Toronto's farmers' markets, and pass it along via facebook, twitter, talking to your friends, etc. Here's the link: (Note: just so you know, after signing, you get directed to a donations page run by the (free) petition host site to support their work. There's no obligation to donate, and it's not a request related to the markets.) We'll have paper copies of the petition at the market as well if you prefer.

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