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Dave Hains (City of Toronto Recreation Supervisor)

On Friday February 19, 2010, Dave Hains was transferred to Ward 18, from Ward 27. Dave was the recreation supervisor in charge of the John Innes Community Recreation Centre (near Moss Park) and the St.Lawrence Community Recreation Centre (near the Crombie apartments), as well as the recreation programming on Toronto Island and the citywide "Adapted and Integrated" program for people with special needs.

Dave was also involved with a program called Play It Fair. From the city's website:

The Play It Fair! toolkit was originally developed by Equitas as part of the project “Preventing Racism and Discrimination: Preparing Canadian Children to Engage in a Multicultural Society” undertaken with municipal agencies and community organizations involved in non-formal education programs for children and youth.

In Toronto, David Hains, supervisor of community recreation with the City’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation division, is also convinced of the program’s merits. As a result, he’s pleased to see it break ground in Toronto where it has already reached 5,000 children. Last year, the program was implemented at 30 summer camps in Toronto; projections for 2009 are set for 100. And that’s not all….

“By the summer of 2010, we’re hoping to have the program running in all of Toronto’s approximately 130 summer camps in addition to some after-school programs,” Hains explains. “It’s been a great way to teach important life lessons to children and the biggest draw is that it’s done through a variety of fun games, which the children love.”''

Dave leaves all this work behind.

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