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posted May 28, 2006

The Raising of the Yurt, 2006

The raising of the yurt will take place this year on Saturday June 10, 2006.

posted June 5, 2005

The Raising of the Yurt, 2005

This year's annual raising of the yurt took place <strong>Friday June 3, 2005</strong>. The yurt is now standing near the playground. Drop by and check it out! For a picture gallery of last year's raising of the yurt, Read more from last year's raising of the yurt.

posted October 5, 2004

The Raising of the Yurt, 2004

See the picture gallery >>

Several times, in the summer, a few people have gotten together to raise a yurt, the traditional wood and felt dwelling of the nomadic peoples of Uzbekistan. We took some pictures this year (July), and you can see the whole process in our picture gallery. Read more >>

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