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posted July 27, 2005



This is a final call for bottles for making bottle windows in our cob courtyard wall. I am looking for:

  • wine and other drink bottles of colours such as blue, orange, purple, yellow & green
  • bottles of interesting shapes such as square, oblong, curved
  • clear mason and other wide-mouthed jars to act as the other side of the window

If you have any of these that you want to donate, please speak now, so that we can get them from you by the end of this week. Drop offs are welcome; just take them to the green box attached to the shed by the pool, south end of the park.

Thank you for your help!


posted July 22, 2005


Two things:

1) This is a reminder to all those who wanted to donate materials to Cob in the Park that it's still not too late. We need:

  • coloured bottles with flat bottoms (blues, greens, amber, purple)
  • clear jars, mason jars
  • china and tile for mosaics
  • five gallon pails
  • cedar shakes
  • a few pieces of seasoned firewood (18" long, for embedding in the wall)

2) Meeting for all those interested in mosaics:

Monday, July 25, 7:30pm by the cob courtyard, by the pool.

Whether you have lots of experience with mosaics, or always wanted to try it and never have, come and get involved. If you can't make this meeting but want to be included, please email me:



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