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DAS Peace Garden Project
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D.A.S. Peace Garden: A place to learn and practise peacebuilding

  • a) To create a peace garden on the school yard consisting of various habitat and thematic gardens (regional gardens with Native plants, "Six Nations/Toronto", and "Northern" and a food garden "Americas") in planters/container gardens with trellis's for shade made from natural/environmental building materials (cob) that also act as art projects (mosaics).

Action: Build planters with natural materials, plant our theme gardens and create a mosaic with tiles along the planter.

  • b) To use our peace garden as our official outdoor classroom to enrich the curriculum and use as an alternative learning space for various peacebuilding activities (Peace and Social Justice is the Foci of our School)

Action: Use International School Peace Garden curriculum as a guide for various activities

  • c) To create shaded areas (using our planters with trellis') in an otherwise hot and sunny asphalt pit.

Action: Build trellis' and plant vines along the trellis' inside our cob planters

Learning/Teaching Goals:

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  • a) To have an outdoor space that is dedicated to peace building/environmental activities (Enhance peace, environmental, and social justice curriculum that we focus on as part of our school mandate). We will be using the International Peace Garden Curriculum and Activities.
  • b) To have a peacemaking space where student can go to resolve conflicts
  • c) Students will learn about and then in return teach the community (as our schoolyard is attached to a municipal park) about various habitats and cultural uses of native plants
  • d) Students will help plan, design, and build the planters made with natural materials for our peace garden. All activities related to our peace garden stress peace and conflict resolution, cooperative learning skills, environmental education, sustainable development, and wildlife/habitat studies.

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