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Everdale Environmental Learning Centre

Everdale Environmental Learning Centre

posted May 14, 2008

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Cob in the park is partnering with Everdale Environmental Learning Centre to participate in

Toronto Renewable Energy Co-opís Kidtricity Festival May 7 - 10, 2008. at Exhibition Place in Toronto.

On Saturday May 10th The Kidtricity is open for the public.

Here are the flyers:

Over the course of the festival, it is expected that over 1,000 grade 5 students will have a chance to squish mud between their toes and contribute to the building of a cob wall at the base of TRECís wind turbine. Theyíll learn about the advantages of cob building, along with other methods such as strawbale, cordwood, light straw/clay, and perhaps even adobe. The wall will remain up all summer, exposing countless Exhibition attendees to these most beautiful and adaptable of building options.

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