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posted July 9, 2005

Cob workshops every week Monday to Saturday 11am to 3pm 'till we're done.


We had a fine turnout for our first actual cobbing party today! Thanks to everyone who came out and squished mud between their toes. We've made a good start and now have our plans in place for our ongoing workshops.

Ongoing cobbing workshops:
Monday to Saturday (we take Sunday off)
11am to 3pm


  • format: drop-in, no reservations necessary no experience necessary; children are welcome!
  • If anyone really wants to cob in the evenings, let me know.
  • The potlucks have been delicious; please join us with a dish to share (and something to eat it with)!
  • Child-minding: child-minding for a limited number of kids will be available for all daytime cobbing sessions
  • children are given a yellow shirt for the day with a number on it, to be returned before they go home (make sure to tell the child-minder that you are leaving!)
  • the minder will make sure the kids don't leave the park; parents are responsible for resolving disputes, feeding, diaper changes, etc.

I will soon be announcing a meeting for all who are interested in mosiacs. I will also send out an updated list of stuff we are needing. Check out the pictures at and come on out and join us!


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