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Weekly Market Notes for August 20, 2015

Hello Market Friends:

Some tasty magic happens when talented cooks go to work with our farmers' bountiful fruits and vegetables! When we get requests (as we do pretty much daily) from prepared food vendors to join the market, we try to find out where makers are sourcing their ingredients, whether they are using organic ones as much as possible, and in the case of specialties, whether products are likely to appeal to a broad audience. Ask any of our prepared food folks about their current menus, and they'll happily tell you about the local, organic, seasonal ingredients that inspired them.

We have a fabulous selection of both sweet and savoury gluten-free items, including Tapioca Gourmet's Amazonian Crepes and baking from deFloured. There are lots of delicious-for-all raw and vegan options around the market as well.

Evelyn's Crackers will be absent this week and next. You'll find visiting vendors Las Reinas in their spot this time, with colourful (vegan and gluten-free) arepas.

From Forbes Wild Foods: "We'll 100% have some lovely wild chanterelle mushrooms & wild blueberries! Seth is so excited to bring more to the market."

Sosnickis' contribution: "Now taking orders for our organic Romas! Visit our blog for all the detes:

We'll have our sweet corn, huge sweet onions and red onions, carrots, beets, cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, basket beefsteak tomatoes, romas!!!! Swiss chard and kale too!"Jessie, Ben and the crew

Cucumber season means tons o' work and not much sleep for Blythe of Spade & Spoon, but she manages to keep smiling. Time to fill up your pantry with her latest crunchy creations!

Culture City's dosa batter is back. Grab a tub from Damon's cooler so you can make savoury pancakes with your own market-inspired fillings at home.

Speaking of coolers, have you spotted the one filled with sweet little tubs of Best Baa's sheep's milk ice cream?

From Debbie at Niagara Lavender: "We have a great load of Red Haven peaches coming to market. All this heat has brought the sweetness and colour….They are beautiful."

Don't forget to return baskets to vendors and bring along reusable bags to haul your groceries home; if you've got extras, please drop a few off in the bag depot at the market information table. See you at the market! Anne

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P. S. Canadian Organic Growers' 40th Anniversary Picnic this Sunday Relax on the greens of Toronto Island in the cool lake breezes with COG friends. We’ll have time to chat, wander, eat and learn from a few folks available to talk informally about their passions.

Sunday, August 23, 1 - 4 pm, St. Andrew by the Lake, Cibola Avenue The church is a 20 minute walk from the Wards Island boat or about the same time from the Centre Island dock. On weekends, bikes can only be brought on the Wards Island boat.

Please bring your picnic – we’ll have cake! There will also be a barbeque available for anyone to use. We plan to stay outdoors, but will move indoors in case of rain.

Vendors this week:

  • Afri-Can Food Basket (organic produce)
  • Akiwenzie's Fish (fresh, frozen and smoked Georgian Bay fish)
  • Alli Harris (fish sandwiches, fritters, hemp pesto, beverages, salads)
  • Bees Universe (honey and bee products, eggs)
  • Beretta Farms (natural and organic meats)
  • Best Baa/Ewenity Dairy (sheep's milk, cheeses, yogurt and ice cream)
  • Brixton Grill (vegan barbeque and ice cream treats)
  • ChocoSol (coffee and chocolate, tortillas cooked at the market)
  • Country Meadows (olives, oil, eggs, cheese)
  • Culture City (fermented condiments, tempeh)
  • DeFloured (gluten-free baking)
  • Dufferin Park Bakers (wood-fired oven breads, soups,and snacks)
  • Earth and City (raw foods, smoothies, rice bowls)
  • Everdale Organic Farm (organic produce)
  • Floralora Flowers (organic, farm-grown cutflowers)
  • Forbes Wild Foods (wild veggies and mushrooms, nuts, maple syrup, preserves)
  • JK Fries (fresh-cut french fries with choice of mayos)
  • Kind Organics (sprouts, salad mixes)
  • Knuckle Down Farm (organic vegetables)
  • Las Reinas (gluten-free arepas)
  • Marvellous Edibles (organic vegetables, meats, poultry, baking, fruits)
  • Niagara Lavender Farm (organic berries, tender fruits and lavender)
  • Pine River (organic vegetables)
  • Plan B (organic produce)
  • Shared Harvest (organic produce)
  • Sosnickis' Organic Produce (organic vegetables)
  • Spade & Spoon (jams, pickles, soups, maple syrup)
  • Tapioca Gourmet (gluten-free Brazilian pancakes with seasonal fillings)
  • Ted Thorpe (veggies and herbs)
  • Urban Harvest (plants, seeds, body care, soil amendments)
  • VQA Wine (Frogpond Farm this week)
  • Waymac Farms (oyster and shiitake mushrooms)
  • Ying Ying Soy (tofus and miso from ON organic soybeans)

Drivers, please note: Parking congestion around the apartment building on Dufferin Park Avenue causes friction with building residents. Out of respect for our neighbours, please do not park in the building lot or on the north side of the street. There are special parking hours for Thursdays just a short distance east, across from St. Mary's High School, as well as space across the street and around the park. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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