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Weekly Market Notes for December 14, 2006

Hello Market Friends:

Lots of wonderful food at the market this week, and easier weather to get to it! If you have special requests for the holidays, now's the time to place them. You can also contact market vendors by using the Vendor Listing on the market page at

Here's the news:

From the Sosnickis:

"Ben will have lots of potatoes and cabbage again. I will have hot cabbage rolls, roasted sauerkraut and warm sweet corn to eat at the market, and cabbage rolls (only beef again - SORRY, veggie next week for Christmas!), perogies, sauerkraut, sweet corn, green beans to take home, frozen ready to heat and serve. I'll have my order book, as I have gotten requests for custom orders for cabbage rolls for the festive season, so feel free to order ahead any item for pick up on the 21st! I will also take orders for perogies filled with roasted sauerkraut, as I will be serving THOSE hot next week!" Jess & Ben.

From Greenfields:

"It's mid December and we are still out in the field harvesting! Lots of our own green and purple Kale this week. Also Rutabagas, Sunchokes, Carrots, Radishes and a nice assortment of winter Squash. Local Produce includes Lettuce, Spinach, Parsnips and Yams.

A large selection of fruit including Mangoes, Lemons, Grapefruit and Kiwis. Mark's on holidays but Monika will be there from the farm tomorrow." Lorenz

Deer Valley Farm now has venison chili available in glass jars for take-home.

We expect Andrew Akiwenzie with fresh and smoked fish. He'll come as often as he can through the winter, but a lot will depend on what the weather is doing up Wiarton-way.

At the Whole World/Camros tables in the rinkhouse, Beata will have both delicious foods to keep your strength up and lovely treats to share with your favourite eaters. This week and next, she'll make a special spot for Maria Solakovski's seasonal baking:

"all organic vegan incredibly spiced fruit cakes are unlike anything you have tasted.

densely packed with dried fruit...apricots, figs, prunes, sultanas, hot hot crystal ginger,

brazil nuts and tons of handmade lightly syruped citrus peel--lots of lemon and some orange likenesses.

all of this soaked, for some time, in plenty of dark jamaican rum and the lemon juice from those skins.

i mix this jewel like fruitiness with a wee bit of stoneground spelt flour, some flax seed and

a hint of vanilla infused evaporated cane juice and kicking spices like black pepper.

whew that was a long description, but they are so beautiful.

wrapped in muslin and tied with a linen cord, they make a wonderful gift or treat for yourself.

$10 a piece"

Plenty of other goodies, too, like spicy hemp pesto, fine cheeses, honey and candles, hand cream for gardeners, hot chocolate makings and lots of baking. My Dad's getting butternuts (from Jonathan Forbes)in his stocking because he has such fond memories of storing them in the attic for a winter treat as a boy.

In case you're wondering in advance, the market will be running without interruption through the holidays.

See you there!


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