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Weekly Market Notes for December 7, 2006

Hello Market Friends:

Goodbye dreary rain, hello skating! Here's some news from the park:

"For the park bakers at Dufferin Grove the rink season means big changes. The temperature and humidity means we must adjust our recipes and of course our wood fired bake ovens need more wood to keep their temperatures up.

This week two of our bakers made a date for the opera (!) so Lea who has baked at Dufferin Grove for 7 years will be taking their place. She will be baking her favourite invention: Lemon Rosemary Sourdough with carefully shaved lemon zest, and of course the rest of our usual offerings from Rosemary to Rye. She will be hand forming each of these breads in the midst of hockey players and families and baking the bread as the snow falls.

A quick note to those with vehicles: We are low on wood these days- but we use only untreated, (no paint, no glue) wood and without a park vehicle we rely on donations that can be dropped off at the rink house. Call us if you have a question at 416-392-0913."

In other news:

From Greenfields:

"The snow continues to pile up here at Greenfields; it looks and feels nice. From Greenfields this week: Green Cabbage, Carrots!!, Kale( fingers crossed ), Black Radish, Sunchokes, Rutabaga, Celery Root and a great selection of Winter Squash. Some lovely Ontario products available this week including Yams, Bok Choy, Boston Lettuce, Watercress and Parsnip. Lots of tasty Fruit to satisfy as well. See you there," Mark.

From the Sosnickis:

"Tomorrow I'll be bringing the first of my cabbage rolls (beef - next week, some vegetarian ones as well) some served up hot and others to take home. I'll also be serving our Sweet Corn and Green Beans hot from roast pans tossed with organic butter! As well, corn and beans 'take home frozen', along with lots of perogies and sauerkraut! Our produce tables are getting pretty bare with the nice snow we got, so look to Ben for your potatoes and cabbage for sure, two of our staple storage crops!" Jess & Ben.

From Plan B:

"This week we should be bringing more of the local salad mix, watercress, basil, cilantro and spinach plus our own arugula, mizuna and tatsoi. Lots of local apples and pears including the last of the Boscs and the first of the storage Anjous. Some imported fruit as well. Sweet potatoes will be abundant." Alvaro

From Earthly Paradise:

"Earthly Paradise will be there with bells on and some new Vegan Lip Balm for those vegans on your list. Did you know that Thursdays are sacred to Jupiter, (“Thorsday”), the god of gratitude for nature’s bounty. Appropriate for our market day." Colette

From Fun Guy Farms:

"We will have Oysters and probably Shiitake almost until Xmas. Thereafter we will have only the Oysters, cheeses, pesto, polenta, truffle butter, E3 Live, seaweeds. " Paula.

It will be Purple Sprout's last day for the season, so stock up on flour, meusli and other goodies. ''' Jonathan Forbes''' is back:

"I'll have lots of dried mushrooms, wild veggies, wild fruits, maple syrup and a few lbs of fresh Ontario butternuts and black walnuts (in the shell)."

Our news is coming out a little early this week, in time to include the announcements below in support of farmer Michael Schmidt. There's more information on the market page of the website, too. See you at the market!


From Greenfields farmer Lorenz Eppinger:

"Thanks for publicising the raw milk cause, which is really the larger fight to allow the freedom to choose clean food. As a farmer it's encouraging to see how many urbanites have rallied behind the raw milk issue so far. I look forward to seeing some of them at Queens Park on Thursday."

Thursday, December 7
11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Queens Park

Rally of Michael Schmidt supporters.
In Queens Park, MPP Bill Murdoch will introduce his Private Member's Resolution between 10:00am and 12pm in support of further investigations into the so-called hazards of unpasteurized milk.

Some familiar faces from the market community will be there.

Live Benefit Concert
In support of Maverick Farmer Michael Schmidt

Doors Open at 6:30pm
Event Begins at 7:30pm
Tickets $50, available at the door only
Sunderland Hall at First Unitarian Congregation Church - 175 St. Clair W. (at Avenue Rd.)

The Benefit Evening Will Include:
- Michael Schmidt: Speech on his struggles to legalize unpasteurized milk Emmanual Vukovic and Rachel Desoer of the Lloyd Carr Harris String Quartet from McGill University, Montreal
- Teng Li, Toronto Symphony Orchestra's Principal Viola member Anton Kuerti, world-renowned pianist.

For more information, contact Tim Schlachtenrodt, 416-916-7233

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