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Weekly Market Notes for February 16, 2006

Hello Market Friends:

Does anyone else have snowdrops up in their garden? Okay, we're a long way from spring yet, but the sun is coming back and there's lots happening in the greenhouses:

Angelos Kapelaris reports that his tomato plants are coming on strong, and we'll have a great choice of Ontario grown salad greens from Greenfields, John Sutherland, and the Slegers this week along with the fine winter vegetables still coming in. You can enjoy the taste of Ted Thorpe's beets in his absence in Alli Millar's crimson beet bread.

From Greenfields:

Lots of great produce available this week; Greenfields Grown Salad Mix will be here, as well as LOCAL Mix. Local products this week are, Beets, Parsnip, Squash (Butternut, Buttercup & Kabocha), Shiitake and Button Mushroom, Watercress and Greenfields Carrots. A nice selection of fresh Greens and Fruit will make the trip to market. Looking to rid yourself of that stack of EGGCARTONS? Greenfields needs your Eggcartons, much appreciated. Mark.

From Irene of Deer Valley Farm:

For those of you who love those little breakfast sausages…they’re on special this week only 75 cents each or $35 for a 5 lb. box.

Smoked slices will be available, as well as the usual cuts & burger patties. We’ll have venison chili con carne available for take home or to warm those hands & tummies while at the market. Look for us in the zamboni garage.

From Mary Lou of Beretta's:

I will be bringing nitrite-free turkey franks and sampling them, and a friend of the Berettas' will be along supplying hot sauce to go with them. I'll also have New York striploin pepper steaks, head cheese, and some fresh lamb along with all our other products.

Colette Murphy's 2006 catalogue of seeds, plants, and garden amendments is now available on-line, so you can browse at your leisure or forward it to a friend. It's at: htttp://

What our market is especially about, of course, is great LOCAL food. In 2006, in this city that sits on some of Canada's very best farmland, food from close to home is all too rare. Last March, out in B.C., J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith vowed to eat nothing but food that came from within a hundred miles of their home for a year, and they've been publishing articles, soon to become a book, about this adventure. Their commitment has sparked interest in many other communities, and you might find their story an interesting read. Thanks to Veronica Pochmursky for sending us the links to The Tyee's publication of this series. From:

Back in Toronto, there are still a few tickets available for Monday's Slow Food forum on local eating at Supersprouts (see the attached poster for details).

Whether it's winter or spring tomorrow,

see you at the market!

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