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Weekly Market Notes for February 9, 2006

Dear Market Friends,

First of all, apologies to those who didn't get last week's email. It was too good to be true, thinking that the changeover to this computer(and its operator) had gone perfectly. This week should be smoother sailing. I'm glad people rushed to tell me they missed their news!

Messages have been pouring in. To whet your appetite, let's start with some recipes from Jessie Sosnicki:

Ben will have in abundance potatoes, carrots, onions and a spotlight on cabbage this week! We've still got some big bins of great looking and tasting heads! Here's 2 of my fav. recipes using our cabbage:

Best Slaw:
1 head of cabbage
2 medium size carrots
1 bunch green onions chopped fine
Shred cabbage and carrot in processor. Mix the onion with the shreds. Then pour over the salad and stir in the following:
1/2 cup Buttermilk
3 T sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
3/4 cup Mayonnaise
3 T Lemon Juice
1 tsp Horseradish to give it a kick. Enjoy!

Roasted Cabbage: (Really yummy!)
Simply slice as much cabbage you want (I use a whole head) into 1 inch strips. Melt a couple or more tablespoons of butter and toss together. Place in a thin layer on a large roasting sheet. Roast at 500 degrees for half an hour or so turning frequently to expose all sides of cabbage. Watch you don't burn it! When soft and roasted add some caraway or cumin seeds to taste as well as some salt and pepper! Enjoy!

Ben will also be bringing lots of Perogies, along with Beef Cabbage Rolls AND the requested Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls again!

Inside the vegetarian rolls are: red & green pepper, mushrooms, onions, long grain brown rice and tomato sauce!

From Greenfields:

This week brings back LOCAL lettuce mix, as well as other local items including; Greenfields Carrots, Shiitake mushroom, Parsnip, Rutabaga, Squash (Butternut, Orange and Green Kabocha), Watercress and Yams. Lots of great greens this week; Chard, Collards, Kale, Spinach, Red leaf lettuce and Romaine. Real nice Radish, Cauliflower, Broccoli and bunched Turnip as well as a good selection of Fruit. Mark.

From James Lee of Nujima living foods:

Our organic functional food products include, Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Maca Powder,Mesquite Powder,Lucuma Powder, Yacon Syrup, Yacon Slices, Chia Seeds,Tibetan Goji Berries,and light and dark Agave nectar. These are unique products that have a wide appeal to people who are watching their Glycemic intake,have digestive problems,are Vegans and Raw Foodists. Stay tuned as many new products will be arriving in the new year. Thanks to all who have given their support over the past two years, and thanks to Anne, Jutta, all the staff and the Dufferin Grove.

Angelos will have new crop bottled olive oil this week, Irene of Deer Valley will have a full selection of fresh venison, and if you're thinking about your Valentine, there's Ionel's candles for the sweet, Melvin's fun little bundles of assorted hot sauces for the spicy, and lots more treats....

From Jonathan Forbes:

I've been getting a lot of calls for #3 Dark Maple syrup but I'm out until the new season. But I will have No.1 medium organic in 250ml size and No.1 medium (natural) in 1 liter size. I'll also have some jellied wild rose petals and wild strawberry preserves for that gourmet Valentines present. I'll also be bringing wild rice and lots of dried wild mushrooms, wild fruit preserves and wild veggies.

From Beretta's:

I am bringing some great products to the market for a special Valentine's Day celebration with your family and friends. Do not forget, today is the 9th and February 14th is next Tuesday.

Beautiful New York Striploin Pepper steaks
More of the popular Head Cheese
Plus more steaks, roasts, and chops
Thank you, see you on Thursday, Mary Lou

From Irene of Deer Valley Farm:

A full selection of fresh venison cuts available at the market this week including: tenderloin, striploin, top sirloin, sirloin tip roasts, inside/outside/eye of round, stewing & ground. As always we have burger patties (1/4lb x 4/pk) & breakfast sausages also. If you’re hungry while at the market…come see what’s inside the crock pot.

Earthly Paradise will be at the market again this week with lotions and potions (we sold out of some last week so we will try to have enough this week). The new formulation for the Calendula Moisturizer is very popular so do come by and smooth some on. It contains a really yummy Frankinsence oil. The freshest we have found. You will smell oh so goooood! There will be lots of seeds too. It was a little cool outside last week so we will try to come up with a system to display all the seeds in a small space for this week.

Those of you who aren't otherwise occupied on February 14 might want to join Georgie Donais and Jutta Mason at the Ryerson School of Architecture (325 Church Street, 6:30 p.m.), where they will be presenting the background for a student design competition featuring inventive, space-expanding ideas for our very own market and multi-use park facilities. We hope to exhibit some of the entries at the rinkhouse in the spring. For details, go to

See you at the market!

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