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Weekly Market Notes for July 12, 2007

Hello Market Friends:

This nicely cool weather is perfect for market-goers, farmers and bakers alike. Come enjoy the fresh air while you pick up your favourite veggies and snack on delicious treats under the swaying trees. Plus, a reminder for those of you interested in the bio-toilet project that there is a public meeting by the cob structure this Friday at 7 pm to discuss the plans.

Park baker and staff Yo Utano has a special message to pass on about bread bags:

Finished the last piece of bread? Give the bag a little shake or a rinse and put it in your shopping bag right away—and you have your own bread bag on Thursday.

Back in May, the province of Ontario decided to reduce the use of plastic bags. It is a voluntary program without regulation—each retailer is expected to try to reduce their use by 50% over five years. Whether this decision is good or dumb, the fact that Ontarians use 7 million plastic bags a day, and that Toronto sends 120 trucks of garbage to Michigan landfill is very frightening. It is so sad to see the pile of plastic bag boxes at the end of the market every week. While the park staff are looking for alternatives like paper or biodegradable bags, the most effective option is to reuse what is already there. If customers could all bring their own bread bag, it would be so wonderful. This small thing does make a difference because you are, at least, making us happier!

A reminder that there are plastic shopping bags available at the market news sign if you forget to bring bags from home.

From the Sosnicki’s:

Ben will be loaded with our field cucumbers! I peel and slice them, put in salt water overnight then drain and mix with sour cream, mayo, bit of sugar, green onions and it's delicious!

It's a good cuc year, so we will be able to make up for last years crop failure.

Also our freshly dug and washed Yukon Gold and Dark Red Norland potatoes, broccoli, huge basil, green and yellow zucchini and red russian kale!! See all tomorrow!

From Colette:

This week Urban Harvest will continue to have all plants on sale at 50% off.

We still have a few Genovese basil, some great thymes like english, lavender, lemon, orange & silver.

Lavenders like provence, grosso and twickle purple.

Lots of Natives too.

Seeds will be on sale at 4 for $10.

See you at the warm and breezy market under the trees.

Deer Valley Farm will be featuring venison burgers (6 oz. of 100% pure venison) or sausage on-a-bun to enjoy at the market. For those who are concerned about a low fat, low cholesterol red meat alternative…venison is it! For more nutritional info on the health benefits of venison…please visit:

See you at the market!

Anna Bekerman

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