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Weekly Market Notes for July 5, 2007

Hello Market Friends:

Finally rain! The park grass is turning from yellowish back to greenish- glorious! In the park gardens the native species plants are springing back to life while the cherries and Saskatoon berries come near to the end of their season. Look near the big oven for these lovely trees- it is time to feast on fruit!

A warm welcome back to Laura Sabourin of Feast of Fields coming with raspberries and soft fruits, this is the season of plenty.

The bakers of Dufferin Park have made some wonderful sourdoughs, Lea Ambros a baker for 7 years at dufferin, mixed up an interesting toasted fennel seed and raisin sourdough bread and lovely multigrain breads as well as the usual fresh wood fired bake oven breads.

Rumour has it that Ben and Jess Sosnicki may have cucumbers and new potatoes,

From Greenfields:

Beets and green cabbages are in! Our greens are delicious as ever: green and black kale, bright red and rainbow chard, romaine, red leaf and lettuce mix. Our herb selection includes: parsley, cilantro, oregano and wild mint. Peas and garlic scapes still look great, (garlic scapes are the tops of garlic, you trim them off so that the garlic will continue to grow) .

Deer Valley Farm will be featuring their excellent venison For nutritional info., you can go to:

A note to park users: an information meeting about the Bio-toilet will take place at 7pm Friday 13th by the bake ovens and a meeting about the upcoming wading pool construction will be on Wednesday the 11th at 7pm. All are welcome- look at for more information.


The variety of local produce on offer at the market continues to grow each week—it's always nice to welcome each new addition back for another season. Time to dig out the old recipes from years past, and find new ones. For example, try making market tzaziki with Ben and Jessie's cucumbers, sheep's milk yoghurt from Bestbaa, and Angelos' olive oil. Delicious!

From Ben and Jessie Sosnicki:

Ben and I just got in from the fields all soaked and happy! It's raining BEAUTIFULLY right now, and did we ever need it!!! Ben and I harvested the first tastes of our broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini & red russian kale along with our bunched green onions and beautiful basil available tomorrow! Our harvest is still in it's early stages, and the fields are looking great! We've been digging and eatting our potatoes over the weekend, but still a bit small, so next week we'll probably dig some for Dufferin folk! See all tomorrow! And some good news for the future, from Jessie: Get ready for a bumper harvest of the good favs: tomatoes (roma, slicing, TONS of heirlooms, peppers, sweet corn, onions, potatoes)
Jessie & Ben.

From the Dufferin Grove bakers:

Over the past few weeks we've been experimenting with some new flavour combinations, such as potato-onion buns, fennel-raisin sourdough, and mustard seed sourdough. Drop by and let us know what you think of these or any of the breads—and check out the ovens just beside the market where the breads are baked every week.

From Laura Sabourin at Feast of Fields farm:

In addition to early raspberries and some sweet cherries and Mom's jam we will also be bringing Vinifera for Life Cabernet bread. This sour dough French style loaf is made with certified organic whole wheat flour, grape yeast starter and GRAPE flour. Extra high in antioxidants :-) may have a few figs too they are sizing up but still green.

See you at the market!
Anna Bekerman

Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3-7 p.m. year-round

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