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Weekly Market Notes for July 19, 2007

Hello Market Friends:

After a couple of weeks away, it's a treat to get all this news of local bounty coming to the market--even if we had to share some:

From Monika of Greenfields:

"Just when we thought our Dufferin Park customers had the most insatiable appetite for Romaine heads and sweet spring mix, we learned (the hard way), that actually it is the deer that do. Many, many deer! We have had more 4-legged visitors than we would like lately, and they have managed to devour all of the red leaf, romaine heads and mix that we were planning on harvesting for this week's markets. So it will be another week or so before the small newer lettuces have a chance to grow up, and hopefully not get deer-voured! Maybe the scent of all the garlic that is being harvested now will keep them away. Our zucchinis are starting to produce heavily now, and the kales, swiss chard, parsley, and sweet baby beets are delicious as ever. For anyone who has not tried one of our super-tender and sweet 'torpedo' cabbages, this is the week to pick one up and make a refreshing 'slaw. Also look out for delicious cantaloupes, sweet pears and colourful sunflower bouquets!"

From the Sosnickis:

"For tomorrow, Ben will be loaded with our Yukon gold potatoes, lots of field cucs (that have amazing flavour for fresh eating and salads - not just pickling), slicing cucs, lots of green and yellow zucs, & bunched sweet baby white onions. Just came in from our vast tomato patch and we'll be harvesting next week! Lots of cherry type and larger varieties ripening and lots of Romas for sauce this season. 30 kinds of heirlooms shortly after. Plants and fruit look awesome! See all soon." J & B.

From Laura of Feast of Fields:

"This week we will have lots of Purple Royalty Raspberries. These are the absolute best for making jam! We will also have some cherries (almost finished), apricots also in limited supply, little golden plums, red raspberries, a few figs, maybe the first of our blueberries and possibly some early peaches."

From Colette of Urban Harvest:

"We will have all the plants on sale again this week at 50% off but they are going fast so this may be the last week. We will have room on the table now for some bodycare so if you have been waiting for it, come and get it....warm and deliciously breezy days with abundance under the trees. See you at the market."

Deer Valley Farm will have sausages (on a bun) to serve this week. For more nutritional info on the health benefits of venison…please visit:

With circle games for families on at 6:30, and Clay and Paper Theatre's performance of "We Need Help" on at 7:30, it's a great week to enjoy dinner at the market and stay for some fun. There's more info. on the website about both of these events.

See you at the market!

Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3-7 pm, year-round

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