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Weekly Market Notes for March 13, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

Well, the sun´s been out and the temperatures are rising, and even though there´s still snow on the ground, spring seems to be nearly in sight. What better way to help along those hopes of spring than to come to the market and get some fresh groceries. You´ll find below some special market offerings for this week, and some upcoming events to look out for.

From Irene at Deer Valley: This is a good week for beautifully-aged, fresh Deer Valley Farm venison…next week frozen venison will be available. For those who have been waiting for bones to make stock or for your favourite four-footed friend…we plan to have them with us this week also.

From Seth at Forbes Wild Foods: Hi folks. Seth here from Forbes Wild Foods with a solution to the winter blahs, fresh (frozen) fruits. We will have some foraged delicacies as a one time only offer for the March 13th market. On the local front (gathered within 100 miles of Toronto) we will have Barberries at $9.00/pound, High Bush Cranberries at $8.00/pound, Chokecherries at $17.50 for 5 pounds and Elderberries at $22.50 for 5 pounds. We will be bringing Chokecherry and Cloudberry puree's in at $9.00 + $16.50 per 500ml respectively. Lingonberries (Mountain Cranberry) and Wild Saskatoons will be available at $39.00 for a 5 pound bag and Wild Blueberries (oh so sweet) are in at $32.00 for a 5 pound package. For the more exotic tastes there will be Hairy Skunk Currants at $9.50 per 1lb., Wild Rose Hips at $8.00 per lb.and Wild Raspberries at $9.00 per lb. Finally one of the hardest foods to forage and also one of the tastiest to eat we have the famous Wild Strawberries at $33.00 per lb. Once again this is a one time only offer so come by or miss out. Have a good week.

From the Dufferin Grove Bakers: Along with all of the usual recipes, this week we´ll be featuring a raisin pan loaf and a potato (Sosnickis')-thyme artisan round. Please take a second and let us know if you think you´d like to see either one come back other weeks.

Food-related community events coming up:
March 16th 2008: In Forma Theatre's Premier Performance of Squashamole! The True Cost of Things, 7:30pm @ The Concord Café. Cost: $10 OR $5 & an item to trade! A hilarious and thought provoking evening of audience interactive theatre. Part of Jokers' International Day of Action on Global Warming
Click here for more information

March 20th 2008: ECOnomy and ECOlogy, Wishful Thinking? Student Seminar Series. Hart House, Music Room. 12 noon. Limited Space. Come Join Ms. Tsatoumas as she discusses the implementation of controls for GMOs in the European Union context with respect to identifying important lessons that can be adopted by Canada.
More information

If you're planning to shop and skate (this is your last Thursday of the rink season!), don't forget to check the rink conditions first (416-392-0913), as the fine March sun is doing its best to melt the ice these afternoons.
See you at the market!
Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
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