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Weekly Market Notes for March 31, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

The sunshine this week has everybody thinking about coming to the market. Notes and calls have been coming in from the vendors who are absent right now as well as the ones attending, so here's some news from both:

From Linda Kapelaris of Country Meadows:

"This week we will have farm fresh (never frozen) chickens for soup. As well we have some heritage turkeys cut in 1/4s, so for customers who don't want a full turkey, this is a great opportunity to get a chance to purchase a small portion, very limited amount available. Also we will have some heritage turkey eggs. Of course all of these products are certified organic."

Linda is very busy with organic certification paperwork, which she describes as tougher than wrestling with their 40-lb Tom Turkey. We're grateful to our farmers for all that goes into achieving the high standards required to be certified.

Debbie Wiecha, who will return with tender fruit from Niagara Lavender Farms this summer, has been working on her paperwork too, and sends a little preview:

"Well it was a long cold winter but spring has arrived on the farm and the pruning has begun. The trees and buds look good but we will only know when the blossoms are out if there was any winter damage. All our renewal certification has begun and the inspections will be in May/June. We are looking forward to this."

Meanwhile, way up the Bruce Peninsula, Natasha Akiwenzie reports that they're still frozen in at their place, so no fishing yet. She's been so eager for spring that she planted lots of seeds, which have grown into an indoor jungle while she waits. Have a look at their blog for some recent photos of the ice on the lake:

Nujima will be absent this week.

Lorenz at Greenfields writes:

Still a couple of weeks worth of Carrots left, plenty of Beets in different varieties and sizes, Black Radishes and the last of the Watermelon Radishes. Sunchokes, Celeriac and Parsnips round out our current homegrown selection. It won't be long now before we'll have Salsify dug fresh from our fields.

Sosnickis' report:

"While we miss all our customers please know that the time is being used wisely! Ben was antsy to break ground and plow by now, but the weather has slowed us down outside. Despite the cooler temps, the days are sunny and hot in the greenhouses so we've got beautiful robust seedlings just growing away! Young heirloom tomatoes sizing up, kale, broccoli, onions, peppers all doing well. We've got the entire 'covered field' seeded down with the 'ostergruss rosa' long pink radish. Absolutely no heat to this house, the seedlings have germinated, up and doing great! Ben will be back before you know it! Warmer temperatures are coming!!" Jess & Ben

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. Thanks from Yo Utano for the generous support of her fundraising efforts for Japan. Including a donation of $200 from CELOS, contributions have totalled more than $1,000 so far.

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