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Laying More Cob And Installing The Firepit Crane

The "cobber's thumb" being used in the left photo (above) is a wooden rod (just a handy piece of branch) that pushes cob and straw from one cob to adjoining cobs, bonding them. The intermixing of the straw between cobs particularly contributes to the integration of the wall.

The drilling was to make a hole for the post of the fireplace crane to sit in. The upright part of this wrought-iron will be cobbed right into the fireplace wall, and the horizontal arm will swing over the fire and hold cooking pots. Interesting that the drill was the first power tool to be used on a work site that has been active for over a month. (It won't be the last power tool used, but it's a pretty unique construction site that the loudest sound you usually hear is the laughter of children.)

<< Laying The First Cob | Table Of Contents | Hunkering Down I >>

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