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Help us find stuff

Besides straw, clay, sand, gravel and used concrete, we need a whole bunch of stuff. If you have any of it lying around in your garage or basement, here is your chance to get rid of it, and feel good about contributing at the same time. Below is a partial list of stuff we need:


  • wheel barrows
  • blue tarps
  • 5 gallon pails
  • garden forks
  • plasterís trowels and tools
  • hammers, squares, saws, chisels, drills, chalk lines, block planes, files
  • crowbars, masonry trowels, cold chisels, 2-3 pound hammers, sledge hammers
  • paintbrushes

Hardware & Glass:

  • coloured bottles, bottles of unusual shapes, mason jars


  • plywood (large and small pieces)
  • dimensional lumber
  • cordwood, seasoned
  • uncut logs

Is there anything else you can think of, or have, that we might need? Email me and Iíll let you know.

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