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Photo: Down to Earth Building Bee

We will be hand digging a trench eighteen inches deep, eighteen inches wide, and sixty-five feet long, to start. After adding drainage pipe, we will fill the trench with drain rock, tamping it by hand. We will then take pieces of reclaimed concrete and arrange them on the gravel to build the foundation. Do you have an interest in:

  • giant, heavy jigsaw puzzles
  • gaining upper back strength really quickly
  • the zen of digging trenches
  • finding out what the words pulaski and mattock mean
  • sitting back and watching the cobbers build on top of your work while you eat endless free cookies from

the foodcart (to be confirmed)

If so, maybe you would like to be a part of the foundation working group! You will:

  • dig, haul, shovel, pound and puzzle
  • find out if stone masonry is for you
  • be able to say that you know what urbanite is, and mean it
  • learn how to make and apply “Roman concrete”

Timeline: June

NOTE: The foundation was completed on July 5, 2005!

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